Sunday, November 11, 2012

National Independence Day: Narodowe Święto Niepodległości

November 11 is a special day for every Pole... Each year we celebrate a very important public holiday in Poland to commemorate the anniversary of Poland's assumption of independent statehood in 1918. This is especially important as Poland had been under Russian, Prussian and Austrian partition for 123 years! November 11, 1918 marks the foundation of the Second Polish Republic, which is our national feather in the cap.  

On a day like this, the word that springs to mind is PATRIOT. Who is a patriot? Well, the simplest meaning is a person who loves his/her country and one who is faithful to her/his country

I guess we need to remember that we are under obligation to God to be model citizens, subject to the governing authorities over us by obeying laws, paying taxes, etc. However, our responsibilities are first and foremost to be obedient to God. 

So, are you a patriot? Take part in my poll!

My question:
How do you spend this day?


  1. I do not hate my country so it's a nice beginning;D
    Am I a patriot? Maybe... But i don't do anything amazing for our country, still, i will be always thankful to God that i was born here:)

    1. Thanks Kasia :) I don't think you need to do anything amazing for Poland to show you're a patriot. I believe it's just enough to appreciate the fact we have our own country and to be ready to stand for it when needed :)

    2. I think i know what you mean:) thx:)

    3. Thanks for your comment. Please tell me more about yourself! Also, come here to leave your valuable comments. I know you're a teacher... It would be lovely to have you here...


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