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MATURA USTNA Zadanie 3: życie rodzinne i towarzyskie

Dzisiaj zapraszam do przestudiowania kolejnego przykładu odpowiedzi do Zadania 3 matury ustnej z języka angielskiego.

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Czas: 5 minut

Egzaminator: Read the task and think about what you'd like to say. You have about a minute to prepare.

[Po upływie około minuty, jeśli będzie taka potrzeba, egzaminator wbija się z tekstem następującym...]

Egzaminator: Can you start now?

[Teraz masz około dwóch minut, żeby uporać się z dwoma zadankami. Po pierwsze wybierasz jakiś obrazek z zestawu i uzasadniasz swój wybór. Po drugie wyjaśniasz dlaczego odrzucasz pozostałe obrazki.]

Zdający: So I am to give (mam dać) a presentation on Halloween... Hmm... And I've got two posters to choose from (Mamy do wyboru dwa plakaty). I think both are pretty attractive but one of them appeals (trafia) more to me... I mean the one with the pumpkins (dynie) looks more interesting. It seems to be the best option because it had been prepared according to a marketing strategy called AIDA. It's an abbreviation (skrót) which means Attention Interest Desire and Action. The poster caught my attention (zwrócił moją uwagę) because it asks two questions: What is trick or treating? and What are jack-o'-lanterns? There are many people who don't know much about Halloween so they could be attracted by these two questions. It is also a very interesting poster as the image presented here seems to be quite inviting and it evokes (wywołuje) positive feelings so you might have the desire (pragnienie) to go and participate (uczestniczyć) in that event... When you read on, you see when and where the presentation is to be held... so there's nothing left but act, which is what I'd do :)

I don't find the second poster very attractive (Drugi plakat nie wydaje mi się zbyt atrakcyjny). Not only is the text discouraging (zniechęcający) but the picture is just hopeless (beznadziejny) as well. Now... why is the text rather repulsive (odpychający)? Well, when you read that some presentation is to give us a historical insight (rys historyczny) into something, and if you're not keen on (zainteresowany) history, you will immediately think it will be milk and water (flaki z olejem)... And the picture... I think it's just off target (chybiony)...      

[Teraz przechodzimy do drugiej części tego egzaminu, w której egzaminator zadaje ci dwa pytania. Na tę część zadania masz około dwóch minut.]

Egzaminator: Thank you. I will now ask you two questions.

1. Is Halloween celebrated in Poland? How?
I am fully aware that my answer to this question can be controversial, but unfortunately it is... And I am saying unfortunately because I have a feeling that we copied this holiday rashly. Halloween has completely pagan origins. People often think it's just an innocent holiday while it is something that we shouldn't take lightly... In fact, celebrating Halloween is the first step to occultism as we play with evil spirits and promote darkness and wickedness...  

2. What Polish holiday or occasion could be celebrated worldwide? Why?
Well... It's a very challenging question. Poland has many nice holidays and occasions but I don't think many of them could be celebrated worldwide the reason being they are very Polish... However, I think other nations could celebrate Christmas Eve the Polish way... It's a beautiful Polish tradition when families gather in the evening on December 24 and are merry enjoying one another's company.

Egzaminator: Thank you. This is the end of the exam.

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