Tuesday, November 20, 2012

compounds: bicycle spoke

Dzisiaj chciałem krótko zwrócić Waszą uwage na fajny angielski rzeczownik złożony, tj.


Chodzi o...

any of the bars that extend from the hub to the rim of a wheel; rung of a ladder 

czyli o... szprychę w kole rowerowym :)

Bike spokes may seem to be pretty simple parts of a bike but they are responsible for so much... Not only do they support your weight but also transfer power from the hub to the wheel.

Have you ever experienced any problems with spokes? They are not very frequent... but you may occasionally experience a problem even with a spoke :) What is the most common problem with spokes? Well, they might break if you really have bad luck... Have you ever heard the noise of a breaking spoke? They say it is something like TWANGGG :) And what then?

My question:
Have you ever had a problem like this? What did you do?

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