Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Would you like to be an actuary?

When I was in Leatherhead, UK I had the pleasure of being acquainted with an actuary. When we were in a Thai restaurant he talked a bit about his profession. Let's take a glance at the job of 


Who is it? Well, it's a person who advises insurance companies on how much to charge for insurance. Sweet, isn't it? In Polish we have an exactly same word which is 'aktuariusz'.

What do these guys do? First of all it has to be said that actuaries are in high demand these days. These professionals deal with the financial impact of risk. They analyze financial security systems and evaluate the likelihood of different events. The guy I met earned an exorbitant salary and drove the nowest Porsche car. Amazing!

To see more about how to become an actuary, visit this website! Maybe this is a new career chance for you?

My question to you:
Would you like to be an actuary? Why? Why not?

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