Sunday, September 23, 2012

wordsearch: wines

What about some really easy task today? I would like you to find 12 common words connected with wines (wina) in the word square. You can read the words vertically (5) and horizontally (7), both forwards and back-to-front.

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 Good luck!

Just leave the words you will have found in your comment to this post!


  1. Since I'm not good at wine matters, I've found only regional, dry and mug but the last one is connected maybe more with mulled wine?

    OK, what about "guard"? Is it only a coincidence or maybe it is somehow connected with wine? Maybe when you are too drunk you need a guard to go home ;>

    1. Your interpretation of 'guard' is cool! LOL :)

      DRY - wytrawne OK :) - my favourite
      REGIONAL - regionalne OK :)

      * mug wasn't on the list although I like mulled wine (grzane wino) as well.

      And these are the two words I had in mind, but where are the other 10?


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