Monday, September 24, 2012

words that begin with ex- extension

Monday, Monday... Monday again... Today, I want to talk about a nice word which has many practical meanings.

Let's look at the word


This word refers to expansion, a branch of a telephone, a supplement, a group of letters indicating file types (e.g. .doc or .pdf); in Polish, as I have already said, the word has quite a few interesting meanings. What are they? Let's see:
  • zasięg, zakres
  • wzrost, rozwój
  • rozszerzenie
  • rozmiar, rozległość
  • rozciąganie, rozciągłość
  • przedłużenie, prolongata
  • numer wewnętrzny
  • dobudówka
This is how you pronounce the word extension.

The word extension is also used in many compounds:
  • extension cord/cable - przedłużacz
  • extension course - kurs dla pracujących
  • extension ladder - drabina wysuwana
  • extension of time - przedłużenie terminu
A few examples from the Internet:
  • I was thinking of taking to Italy with me, an extension cord with 3 outlets so that I can plug just it into my convertor and still be able to charge my...
  • Adding a home extension can be a complicated process in trying to establish which is...
  • A file extension also allows your computer to run the correct program automatically when you...
  • Secured credit is an extension of credit that is secured with collateral of some type...
  • This article explains how to wire a UK telephone extension.
  • In Summer, there is a bus extension connecting you to Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland.           

My question to you:
Write one sentence with the word 'extension' :)

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