Tuesday, September 25, 2012

similes: Are you stubborn?

Is being stubborn a good or a bad thing? I'd like to hear your answers... I myself can sometimes be...


Are you? The simile means that someone is hard headed and just stubborn; in Polish we have almost the same expression and it is 'uparty jak osioł'.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • No matter how many are against him, he is as stubborn as a mule, and...
  • I have one sister that actually is as stubborn as a mule...     
  • My friend is as stubborn as a mule and you can never make her change her mind...
  • Despite that feminine quality in him, he was as stubborn as a mule, and a steel rod of pride and...
  • Tradition said that this particular John was as "stubborn as a mule".
  • Will was as stubborn as a mule and sometimes plain unromantic.   

My question to you:
Is being stubborn good or bad? Are you stubborn?


  1. I think stubborn as a mule is good. Ponieważ taka osoba stawia na swoim mimo wszystko i jest asertywna. Co prowadzi do tego że można wszystko osiągnąć :)
    But sometimes is hard to accept oder people.

    1. Hi! Mistakes first:
      - I think BEING AS stubborn as a mule
      - OTHER

      I don't think being as stubborn as a mule is always good. It's good when you are stubborn in good things but if you're stubborn in bad things, it's not necessarily good. Do you agree?

  2. I agree as well as thanks for correcting my mistakes:)
    but unfortunately such persons can't see when are good and when bad things.
    So living with such a person which is as stubborn as a mule is heavy

    1. * such people :)
      * when something is good or bad
      * a person who is stubborn
      * is hard

      True jaco92d :) Are you stubborn?


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