Monday, September 17, 2012

similes: Are you pleased with your job?

My question for you today is "Do you like your job?" In the beginning I didn't. Later, as years were passing by I began to see lots of advantages of doing what I do. Now, I respect my profession and I can say I am


... to be able to work as a teacher and translator. Being "as pleased as Punch" means that you feel great delight, that you are proud, in Polish we would just say "bardzo zadowolony" or "rozanielony".

Examples from the Net:
Mr Punch and his wife, Judy :)
  • ... her father was as pleased as Punch.
  • She was as pleased as Punch about the news.
  • When I heard our offer for the house had been accepted I was as pleased as punch.
  • Aussie pop sensation Kylie Minogue was "as pleased as punch," when she learnt she has become an auntie...
  • Rendall Munroe was as pleased as punch to welcome on board his latest sponsor.
  • I was (as) pleased as Punch to get the job.
  • Ten year old Callum was as pleased as punch to have won the Bunny Hunt Competition at the Dene especially when he received his large chocolate rabbit...
My question to you:     
Are you as pleased as Punch with your job? Why? Why not?  


  1. I love my job. But I also love my family. And when I'm at home, I want to be at work. But when I'm working I still miss my husband and baby... Complicated, isn't it? Yes, I think I'm as pleased as Punch with my job :)

    1. Sweet. :) I didn't use to be pleased with my job at first. Whenever I was in a classroom I thought to myself that one day I would do something better in life. Now, having worked over 15 years, I have to say I am really pleased with my job. i just love working with other people, ideally adults :) There is nothing more exciting when you stand in front of a group and you need to learn them and develop some strategy of dealing with them. People are so different and each time I meet someone I just discover my job anew. :)

    2. I always wanted to be a teacher. I remember my first class register with imainary names :) My parents also bought me a small blackboard for my birthday :D

    3. Sweet :) I guess many kids often want to pretend teachers at school and teach their younger siblings. I liked playing the part of teacher when I was six. It was real fun. But I see your parents really wanted you to become a teacher if they bought you a blackboard! :)

    4. My dad is a teacher, my uncle and aunt are teachers, my sister too although she doen's work as a teacher now. But the blackboard was my dream. And, to be honest, my parents didn't want me to be a teacher at all :)

    5. Wow! I guess you can't have become anyone else but a teacher! I think I know something about it as my mom is a teacher, my sis is a teacher, many aunts in my family are teachers too. Or is it that teaching posts are simply popular? I don't know... Anyhow I really love being one today although I hated this profession in the beginning.

  2. imaginary names of course :)


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