Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phobias & manias: dipsomania

Let's discuss a serious mania today... It's an uncontrollable desire or craving for alcohol... Look at the word for today which is...


In Polish we have exactly the same word, that is dypsomania, or if you don't like those scientific names you can always use a more understandable name like opilstwo okresowe, pijaństwo chorobowe. This is how you pronounce the word dipsomania.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • He suffers from dipsomania, or thirst madness, and when he feels the fit coming on he requests permission to reside here till it is over.
  • He suffers from dipsomania (alcohol obsession). He is a severe heavy drinker.
  • Dipsomania is different from polydipsia, which is used to describe a state of excessive thirst but not specific to alcohol.
  • He had his first serious fight with dipsomania in 1865 and was thus dismissed from his post.      

My question to you:
Is dipsomania the same as alcoholism? ... and I really don't know the answer... 


  1. Just as you said: dipsomania is "opilstwo okresowe". It's just a type of alcoholism because you can divide alcoholism into few, let's say, categories...

    1. You really sound like an expert Asia... :)

  2. I think dipsomia is the same disease like alcoholism,but from the first we can go on straight faster. How many people is alcoholic? And what type therapy they used for this problem? Have you heard of deadly methanol?

    1. Hi emili287 :) It's nice to see you again :) First it's not dipsomia :) but dipsomania :)

      Second, yes, I have heard of those methanol-related poisonings. It's really scary that so many people went blind, so many landed in critical condition, and so many were killed. I myself very rarely drink anything with more than 20 per cent of alcohol...

  3. Hello :)Upss.. I am sorry,my mistake with write. Lucky for me that I am a teetotaler,but it's very shocking how people can be irresponsible.
    Ale nie potrafię zrozumieć Pana zdania "so many landed in critical condition" mogę prosić o wytłumaczenie?

    1. First, try not to address me as "pan" please. I don't feel like "pan". I'd rather be called 'Rafał'.

      'so many landed in critical condition' oznacza 'wylądowali w krytycznym stanie' :)


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