Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is a trilby something you wear?

Do  you know the answer? If, yes... Congratulations! If not... It's great... because my post today makes some sense! :) The answer to this question is YES because... 


is a word which refers to a soft felt hat (see the pic); in Polish it is just kapelusz filcowy. And this is how you pronounce the word trilby.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Madonna bought a trilby at J Crew and put it straight on...
  • Is it acceptable to wear a trilby in a pub?
  • So you bought a trilby and a cheap guitar You thought you'd be a star It didn't get you that far.
  • They also may wear a trilby which is a soft felt hat with a narrow brim and...
  • I bought a trilby with a brim that was described as 3.5 - 5 cm long.
  • I wear a trilby style hat, both for driving and in shops...        

My question to you:
Would you like to wear a trilby? Why? Why not?


  1. I wouldn't. I don't like all kinds of hats...

    1. I wouldn't either. I think hats make people look old.

    2. The man who taught me driving said once: be afraid of drivers with hats. They are unpredictable :) and I must say that he was right... ;)

  2. I am not very fond of them, I think that they are just only for such older persons.


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