Monday, September 10, 2012

IS GANGNAM STYLE your style?

Today I have heard a program on BBC 4 on the most viewed YT video which has topped the charts in 2012! Although I am not a big fan of this sort of music, in some way, I felt attracted to it. As of today the number of people who have watched the YT video is way over 122 million! The song is said to be humorous, and what I agree with, has catchy rhythm. Also watching the perormer's (PSY) weird dancing moves adds to the originality of the show.  

Take a look here:

The song is performed by the South Korean rapper PSY. Well, if you still haven't heard of this world famous hit, click the vid above and tell me what you think of it :)

My question to you:
What do you like this song for? Why don't you like it?


  1. I think I'm growing old... I really don't find this song extraordinary or something... And this "catchy rhythm" is just trite... I can give you a number of songs with similar rhythm :)

    You can also ask me the same question tomorrow. There is a chance that I can change my mind ;)

    1. Hi! I'm asking you the same question next day :) Have you changed your mind? :) But seriously speaking I myself wouldn't magnify the grandness of this song. The first few beats may be encouraging but it's true that once you listen to it, you will have had enough :) I'd decided to write about the song as it has become so popular on YT recently, so there must be some reason why people do like it and I'd really like to hear more opinions...

  2. Well, Rapping is kinda new form of "music" that doesn't appeal to me as much as real music, including American Rappers. They don't sing or play - just talk nonsense as fast as they can. And his dancing reminds me of the Monkey here in Florida that just escaped from his owner's home. Folks nearby took a lot of movies of the animal and his gestures and squeaking - just like PSY!

    1. Thanks Jay for your opinion. Having listened to this song for a few times I do share your opinion. Actually, you're pretty right to say they "talk nonsense as fast as they can", which makes a nice definition of what RAP is. How about priests singing RAP as a means of evangelization, see here:,44/hip-hop-ksiedza-jakuba-czlowieku-czytaj-pismo-swiete,276258.html

    2. From the theoretical point of view, rap, as well as techno, has all elements of the music work (such as rhythm, tempo etc.). However, your opinion is very similar to mine. I don't like this music.

      But I must say that there are some examples of Christian songs that I personally like listen to and even rap them :) Maybe because of the lyrics, for example TGD:


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