Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fish: the European perch, that is... okoń

Although I am not a keen angler (zapalony wędkarz), not even an angler at all, I am often asked about this fish which is a popular predatory (drapieżny) species in Poland. A few weeks ago when I was in Dobre Miasto, which is a town in Olsztyn County in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship and lies on the Łyna river, I often walked with Kazik, a friend of mine from Gołdap, who IS a keen angler. He often took his rod (wędka) and went to the river to catch some 'okoń'. I am a kind of person who gets annoyed easily when I can't remember an English word for anything that I have already come across. Since 'okoń' wasn't the first time I had tried to remember, I got furious again! This is why I want to talk about

THE EUROPEAN PERCH What I learnt about the European perch then is that it can live over 20 years! I have just found out that this fish deposits (składać) its eggs upon water plants which then stick to the legs of wading birds (ptaki brodzące) and this is the way this species is transferred to other bodies of water. Quite intelligent a system, isn't it?

Anyhow, Kazik was able to catch a few small perch and then let them go again. He was trying to catch a pike (szczupak), but wasn't successful.

So remember... (and I'm urging mostly myself now...), one of the most popular species of fish in Poland is 'okoń', that is the European perch! :) 

A few examples from the Internet:
  • The European perch has been successfully introduced in New Zealand and Australia where it is known as the redfin perch or English perch...
  • Perca fluviatilis, commonly known as the European perch, is a predatory species...
  • The European perch is a freshwater shoal fish found throughout the British Isles and much of Europe...
  • The European perch is dark olive on the back with gold sides marked by...  

My question to you:
Do you like fishing? What for? Are you a keen angler? Have you ever caught any perch?

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