Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do you enjoy helping in the kitchen?

I had a strong desire (silne pragnienie) to add one more post today as I really need to discuss the subject of helping in the kitchen. I am a man so automatically many people could say that I should not be interested in anything that has to do with (ma do czynienia z) helping in kitchens... Surprise! In fact, if I am to prepare some dish (danie) myself and I know I don't need to hurry, I do love doing things in the kitchen. I also love helping in the kitchen, especially when there is some more stuff (rzeczy) to prepare, e.g. before Christmas. When I am only a kitchen helper acting under the supervision (pod nadzorem) of a more experienced cook (kucharz), I do like indulging myself (rozkoszować się) in different tasks I am given while preparing meals. I myself am not an experienced cook so I help even more eagerly (ochoczo) someone who may need a helping hand (pomocna dłoń). I may scrub (oczyszczać) and rinse (płukać) fruits and vegetables or I may tear (rwać, szarpać) lettuce or greens (zielenina). I have always loved shaping dough (ciasto)  and mixing ingredients (składniki). I don't mind peeling (obieranie) oranges or eggs either. I always find it a big challenge to measure various ingredients :) When I was a teenager I spent quite a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting on a range of recipes (przepisy) and I was even successful at times :)

My question to you:
Do you like helping in the kitchen? Why? Do you often help?


  1. Yeah, helping... This is a good question for my husband, or, even better, for my little son. He really loves helping in the kitchen ;)

    However, I love spending time in the kitchen! And I really miss the time, when I could cook with my husband. Now, when I cook, my husband plays with our son.

    1. How old is your son? In what way do you usually let him help you? By the way, what has been the best dish or meal you have made that even the greatest of chefs would be proud of?

      Mine has got to be my apple pie I used to make when I was a teenager... Now I don't even remember what ingredients I mixed :)


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