Sunday, September 30, 2012

wordsearch: poultry & fish

What about some really easy task today? I would like you to find 15 common words connected with poultry and fish (drób i ryby) in the word square. You can read the words vertically (8) and horizontally (7), both forwards and back-to-front.

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 Good luck!

Just leave the words you will have found in your comment to this post!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to agree with someone's opinion?

Today I wanted to give you a few ways of agreeing with someone's opinion. It's always good to know a few other phrases. What can you say then? These are a  few of my suggestions:

  • Absolutely! - Zgacam się całkowicie!

  • You are right. - Masz rację.

  • You're absolutely right! - Masz absolutną rację!

  • It's true. - Zgoda.

  • It's true that... - Zgadzam się, że...

  • I agree with your opinion. - Zgadzam się z twoją opinią.

  • I agree with the opinion that... - Zgadzam się z opinią, że...

  • I couldn't agree more. - Zgadzam się w całej rozciągłości.

  • I admit it's true. - Przyznaję rację.

  • I am of the same opinion. - Jestem tego samego zdania.

  • I share your opinion/point of view. - Podzielam twoje zdanie/punkt widzenia.

My question to you:
Do you agree that the death penalty is not effective?

Friday, September 28, 2012

words that begin with in-: incinerate

The word that I have for you today is not so nice... Well, at least for me... The images that come to mind are mostly of incinerated bodies... Sounds horrific, doesn't it?

Anyhow, let's take a look at the word...


This word is a verb and it means to burn, to reduce to ashes; in Polish the word is translated as spopielić, spalić. And this is how you pronounce the word incinerate.

Here is a nice extract from The Sydney Morning Herald, dated March 28, 1900 in which incineration of dead bodies is suggested! Take a look!

I have also found a nice website offering incinerators...

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Just 12% was recycled or composted and 8% was incinerated with energy recovery.         
  • A couple from Cardiff whose stillborn daughter was incinerated seventeen years ago as clinical waste are seeking...
  • A flock of sheep burst into flames and was incinerated after a methane gas leak exploded in desert in northern Jordan...
  • In the West Midlands almost 30 per cent of total waste was incinerated with energy recovery in comparison to the England average of 11...
  • Nearly 5.2 million tonnes of waste were incinerated during 2007, an increase of six per cent...
  • The National Audit Office, in a recent report*, estimated that £120,000,000 worth of pharmaceuticals were incinerated or dumped in landfill every year in the UK.    

My question to you:
What do you think of such services as offered here?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Is a trilby something you wear?

Do  you know the answer? If, yes... Congratulations! If not... It's great... because my post today makes some sense! :) The answer to this question is YES because... 


is a word which refers to a soft felt hat (see the pic); in Polish it is just kapelusz filcowy. And this is how you pronounce the word trilby.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Madonna bought a trilby at J Crew and put it straight on...
  • Is it acceptable to wear a trilby in a pub?
  • So you bought a trilby and a cheap guitar You thought you'd be a star It didn't get you that far.
  • They also may wear a trilby which is a soft felt hat with a narrow brim and...
  • I bought a trilby with a brim that was described as 3.5 - 5 cm long.
  • I wear a trilby style hat, both for driving and in shops...        

My question to you:
Would you like to wear a trilby? Why? Why not?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Phobias & manias: cynophobia

If you are into phobias and mania, you will have no problem figuring out what this word means. I guess vets, biologists and those who know Latin are also able to identify the meaning of the word. Let's study the word for today which is...


This word refers to a horrible fear of dogs; in Polish we have almost the same word and it is cynofobia. And this is how you pronounce the word cynophobia.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Loud barking can seem very aggressive and threatening to people who suffer from Cynophobia...
  • If you have an extreme fear of dogs, chances are you suffer from cynophobia.
  • If you suffer from cynophobia, how would you define this term?
  • Treatment is usually necessary for those who suffer from cynophobia due to the fact that dogs are a common household pet to have.
  • You are not the only one to suffer from cynophobia. Most sufferers are surprised to learn that they are far from alone in this surprisingly common...          
Unfortunately, I think I suffer from cynophobia but it is strange because I am afraid only of those dogs which bark at me or attack me or look aggressive... However, I am not afraid of dogs in general. I am even able to approach a dog that looks nice and wags its tail. I used to have a dog myself and I really loved it. Why am I afraid of dogs? Well, it's a story that happened when I was a child. Two German shepherds bit me when I entered someone's premises being totally unaware of the fact that that house was guarded by dogs... And... they attacked me, I was bitten on my hand and pushed by them down the stairs... so I was all black and blue all over with a nasty bite wound and some piece of flesh flapping on my forearm... Yuck! Do you have similar stories to share? 

My question to you:
Do you suffer from cynophobia?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

similes: Are you stubborn?

Is being stubborn a good or a bad thing? I'd like to hear your answers... I myself can sometimes be...


Are you? The simile means that someone is hard headed and just stubborn; in Polish we have almost the same expression and it is 'uparty jak osioł'.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • No matter how many are against him, he is as stubborn as a mule, and...
  • I have one sister that actually is as stubborn as a mule...     
  • My friend is as stubborn as a mule and you can never make her change her mind...
  • Despite that feminine quality in him, he was as stubborn as a mule, and a steel rod of pride and...
  • Tradition said that this particular John was as "stubborn as a mule".
  • Will was as stubborn as a mule and sometimes plain unromantic.   

My question to you:
Is being stubborn good or bad? Are you stubborn?

Monday, September 24, 2012

words that begin with ex- extension

Monday, Monday... Monday again... Today, I want to talk about a nice word which has many practical meanings.

Let's look at the word


This word refers to expansion, a branch of a telephone, a supplement, a group of letters indicating file types (e.g. .doc or .pdf); in Polish, as I have already said, the word has quite a few interesting meanings. What are they? Let's see:
  • zasięg, zakres
  • wzrost, rozwój
  • rozszerzenie
  • rozmiar, rozległość
  • rozciąganie, rozciągłość
  • przedłużenie, prolongata
  • numer wewnętrzny
  • dobudówka
This is how you pronounce the word extension.

The word extension is also used in many compounds:
  • extension cord/cable - przedłużacz
  • extension course - kurs dla pracujących
  • extension ladder - drabina wysuwana
  • extension of time - przedłużenie terminu
A few examples from the Internet:
  • I was thinking of taking to Italy with me, an extension cord with 3 outlets so that I can plug just it into my convertor and still be able to charge my...
  • Adding a home extension can be a complicated process in trying to establish which is...
  • A file extension also allows your computer to run the correct program automatically when you...
  • Secured credit is an extension of credit that is secured with collateral of some type...
  • This article explains how to wire a UK telephone extension.
  • In Summer, there is a bus extension connecting you to Lugano in the Italian part of Switzerland.           

My question to you:
Write one sentence with the word 'extension' :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

wordsearch: wines

What about some really easy task today? I would like you to find 12 common words connected with wines (wina) in the word square. You can read the words vertically (5) and horizontally (7), both forwards and back-to-front.

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 Good luck!

Just leave the words you will have found in your comment to this post!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to order a story?

Today I wanted to give you a few useful phrases that can help you order your story. These are a  few of my suggestions:

  • In the beginning... - Na początku.

  • The first thing that happened was... - Pierwszą rzeczą, która miała miejsce...

  • At first... - Najpierw...

  • Next/Then... - Następnie/Potem...

  • After.../After that.../Afterwards... - Potem...

  • A little while later... - Chwilę później...

  • Before... - Przedtem...

  • Before that... - Przedtem...

  • While... - Podczas gdy...

  • In the end.../Finally.../Eventually.../At last... - W końcu.../Ostatecznie...

My question to you:
Do you know more? Send them in!

Friday, September 21, 2012

words that begin with in-: inquest

Let's look at the word


This word refers to a formal legal investigation usually to find out what someone's death was caused by; in Polish we translate the word as badanie przyczyny zgonu. This is how you pronounce the word inquest.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • A Coroner's Inquest is an inquiry into the manner and cause of an individual's death, conducted by...
  • A coroner's inquest into an outbreak of legionnaires' disease that...
  • A coroner's inquest will be held into the death of a woman two years ago at...
  • A coroner's inquest into the death of John Jason Erslavas, 35, who drowned...         

My question to you:
... I don't have a question... Do you?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do you own a ferret?

Many people own various pets. I thought that today I want to talk about


A ferret is a rather small animal with a long body. It is often bred for hunting rabbits. In Polish we call these animals fretka. And this is how you pronounce the word ferret.

But the word 'ferret' is not only a noun. It is also a nice and practical verb which means "search". You may then ferret for something in your bag (szperać w poszukiwaniu czegoś). You may also catch someone ferreting about in your kitchen (myszkować). You may also ferret a nice jacket out from your wardrobe (wyszperać). If you're a hunter or a policeman, you may also have to ferret out an animal or a thief (wytropić).

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Keegan Stuart, roaring into Chicago to ferret out a thief and protect the family...
  • Amber Tamblyn is assigned to ferret out a corrupt cop in a rundown precinct...
  • Come and ferret out a bargain at the car boot sale.         
  • Lysander is asked to use his acting skills to ferret out a mole among British spies.
  • We hope you will ferret out a real treasure, but if you can't find what you are looking for, don't worry, we can order it. 

My question to you:
What do you usually ferret for most often in your bag?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kitchen utensils: whisk

I feel I need to discuss a very serious word today :) It's a very useful kitchen tool and we use it for beating food. You can beat eggs or cream with it to add air and make the whole thing light. The word I'm talking about is


In Polish we call the tool trzepaczka. And this is how you pronounce the word whisk. To say more about this great tool, I need to add that you may have either an electric whisk or a hand-held whisk :)

A few examples from the Internet:
  • The only downfall was it required batteries but nonetheless a very good whisk.
  • Realizing I would rather be turning than wire cutting I decided to take a cheap whisk with a poor handle and make a handle for it.
  • Realizing I would rather be turning than wire cutting I decided to take a cheap whisk with a poor handle and make a handle for it.
  • When the lentils have cooked through, remove the pan from the heat and use a whisk to break down the lentils.
  • Use a whisk to gently combine the egg and sugar, and beat until the meringue begins to form soft peaks.          

My question to you:
Do you have a whisk in your kitchen? What does it look like? What do you use it for most often?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Phobias & manias: dipsomania

Let's discuss a serious mania today... It's an uncontrollable desire or craving for alcohol... Look at the word for today which is...


In Polish we have exactly the same word, that is dypsomania, or if you don't like those scientific names you can always use a more understandable name like opilstwo okresowe, pijaństwo chorobowe. This is how you pronounce the word dipsomania.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • He suffers from dipsomania, or thirst madness, and when he feels the fit coming on he requests permission to reside here till it is over.
  • He suffers from dipsomania (alcohol obsession). He is a severe heavy drinker.
  • Dipsomania is different from polydipsia, which is used to describe a state of excessive thirst but not specific to alcohol.
  • He had his first serious fight with dipsomania in 1865 and was thus dismissed from his post.      

My question to you:
Is dipsomania the same as alcoholism? ... and I really don't know the answer... 

Monday, September 17, 2012

similes: Are you pleased with your job?

My question for you today is "Do you like your job?" In the beginning I didn't. Later, as years were passing by I began to see lots of advantages of doing what I do. Now, I respect my profession and I can say I am


... to be able to work as a teacher and translator. Being "as pleased as Punch" means that you feel great delight, that you are proud, in Polish we would just say "bardzo zadowolony" or "rozanielony".

Examples from the Net:
Mr Punch and his wife, Judy :)
  • ... her father was as pleased as Punch.
  • She was as pleased as Punch about the news.
  • When I heard our offer for the house had been accepted I was as pleased as punch.
  • Aussie pop sensation Kylie Minogue was "as pleased as punch," when she learnt she has become an auntie...
  • Rendall Munroe was as pleased as punch to welcome on board his latest sponsor.
  • I was (as) pleased as Punch to get the job.
  • Ten year old Callum was as pleased as punch to have won the Bunny Hunt Competition at the Dene especially when he received his large chocolate rabbit...
My question to you:     
Are you as pleased as Punch with your job? Why? Why not?  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Walking: Did you do a lot of ambling during holidays?

Yeah... I miss holiday time. It was so great to do things you normally have no option of doing. Let me take you on another journey to your holiday days when you felt freed from all the confines of everyday life... Think of those days when you could 


... for hours just enjoying the environment around you. What a beautiful word it is to describe a way of walking, isn't it? The word refers to walking at an easy pace, walking leisurely; in Polish we say 'iść spokojnym krokiem'.This word can also mean "kłusować" or may be used as a noun to mean "kłus" or "spokojny krok".

A few examples from the Internet:

  • We ambled along as we talked.
  • Paul was ambling through a crowded street fair when he decided to stop and sit at a Palm Reader's table.
  • She ambled down the street, stopping occasionally to look in the shop windows.
  • Two booze-fiends were ambling homeward at an early hour, after being out nearly all night.
  • We were ambling in completely the wrong direction.            

My question to you:
Did you do a lot of ambling during holidays? Where did you amble? Who were you ambling with?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

BBC English: perk-up

Ostatnio na BBC4 słuchałem programu z serii Kitchen Cabinet prowadzonego przez Jay Rayner, w którym to programie grupa specjalistów odwiedza różne miejsca w Wielkiej Brytanii i na żywo udziela odpowiedzi na pytania zadawane przez publikę. W jednym z ostatnich odcinków była mowa o ostrygach (oysters)... Mówiono o tym jak je jeść, czy łykać, czy żuć :) Jakie są rodzaje ostryg, w jaki sposób można je przyrządzić oraz... czy mają właściwości takie jak afrodyzjak... I w tym właśnie kontekście pojawiło się słowo


Czasownik ten oznacza 'ożywiać się'... w tym kontekście wiadomo w jaki sposób... :) Jednak generalnie czasownik ten jest używany w odniesieniu do innego rodzaju 'ożywień', np. można 'ożywić się' intelektualnie, można mówić o 'ożywieniu' biznesu, ale także o 'ożywieniu' w swoim życiu. Także poprawa pogody może być opisana czasownikiem 'perk up'. Poza tym za pomocą 'perk up' możemy opisywać wzrost cen.

Kilka przykładów:
  • You seem to have perked up!
  • Will Poland's economy be able to perk up soon?
  • I'm so glad the weather has perked up today.
  • I think a quick shower will really perk you up!
  • Even if you don't feel 100% good about yourself, there are simple things you can do that will really perk you up.
  • A brisk stroll will perk you up!

Pytanie do Ciebie: Przyślij swoje zdanie z czasownikiem 'perk up'! Pamiętaj, budowanie zdań z angielskimi słówkami o sobie, o swoim życiu wyzwala pewne emocje, a tam gdzie są emocje, tam łatwiej przyswaja się słownictwo!

Friday, September 14, 2012

wordsearch: red meat

What about some really easy task today? I would like you to find 14 common words connected with read meat (czerwone mięso) in the word square. You can read the words vertically (7) and horizontally (7), both forwards and back-to-front.

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 Good luck!

Just leave the words you will have found in your comment to this post!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Click for help in English!

similes: Are you as slippery as an eel?

evasive, devious, elusive, crafty
śliski, cwany

Let's talk about personality today. There are different people around us. Some of us are honest, some tend to be dishonest. Let's talk a new simile, a simile which refers to being


What does the simile mean? It means being evasive, devious, elusive, crafty; in Polish we don't have a simile like this one, but we do say that someone is 'cwany' or that some issue is 'śliski'. An 'eel' is 'węgorz' and this is the best fish to refer to when you come to think of something slippery, isn't it?

A few examples from the Internet:
  • I'm saying that this 'topic' is as slippery as an eel. This thread is about 'child abduction claims...
  • He always tells a lie, so he is as slippery as an eel.
  • That sales person is as slippery as an eel and you should be careful when...
  • When we say someone is as slippery as an eel, it's not a compliment.
  • This lying filthy scumbag woman is as slippery as an eel.          
Therefore, being as slippery as an eel is not nice at all. I do believe that speaking the truth and being honest is a mark of healthy human interaction. It's so hard to be with someone who is perpetually cunning, sly, shrewd, or scheming.

My question to you:
Are you as slippery as an eel? 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Phobias & manias: pyromania

This is a word you will probably know as it is recognizable in many languages. Anyhow, let's take a closer look at the word for today which is...


This word refers to a mental disease crazy, obsessive desire to light fires; in Polish we have almost the same word and it is piromania. And this is how you pronounce the word pyromania.Check the pronunciation, it's not as easy as you may think :)

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Here, we present a case of pyromania in a young adult male with autism and mild learning disability.
  • My friend has a severe case of pyromania, and loves fire.
  • Is there a very well-known case of pyromania? 
  • Is it possible that I have a mild case of pyromania?
  • He's short, fat, pointy, has a bad temper and a mild case of pyromania.  

My question to you:
Do you like fire? How do you feel when you make a fire? when you sit by a fire?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Would you like to be an actuary?

When I was in Leatherhead, UK I had the pleasure of being acquainted with an actuary. When we were in a Thai restaurant he talked a bit about his profession. Let's take a glance at the job of 


Who is it? Well, it's a person who advises insurance companies on how much to charge for insurance. Sweet, isn't it? In Polish we have an exactly same word which is 'aktuariusz'.

What do these guys do? First of all it has to be said that actuaries are in high demand these days. These professionals deal with the financial impact of risk. They analyze financial security systems and evaluate the likelihood of different events. The guy I met earned an exorbitant salary and drove the nowest Porsche car. Amazing!

To see more about how to become an actuary, visit this website! Maybe this is a new career chance for you?

My question to you:
Would you like to be an actuary? Why? Why not?

Monday, September 10, 2012

IS GANGNAM STYLE your style?

Today I have heard a program on BBC 4 on the most viewed YT video which has topped the charts in 2012! Although I am not a big fan of this sort of music, in some way, I felt attracted to it. As of today the number of people who have watched the YT video is way over 122 million! The song is said to be humorous, and what I agree with, has catchy rhythm. Also watching the perormer's (PSY) weird dancing moves adds to the originality of the show.  

Take a look here:

The song is performed by the South Korean rapper PSY. Well, if you still haven't heard of this world famous hit, click the vid above and tell me what you think of it :)

My question to you:
What do you like this song for? Why don't you like it?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dlaczego warto śledzić tego bloga?

W związku z rozpoczęciem roku szkolnego chciałem dzisiaj zaprosić Was do śledzenia mojego bloga! Na blogu piszę posty i po polsku i po angielsku. Tematyka dotyczy głównie angielskiego słownictwa. Ci, którzy uczą się angielskiego, więdzą jak mniej więcej wygląda nauka słówek.To znaczy, czytając angielski tekst lub słuchając czegoś angielskiego wpadają nam w oko lub ucho fajne słówka, zwroty i wyrażenia. Chcąc się ich nauczyć, zapisujemy je sobie, budujemy z nimi jakieś zdanie czy dwa... najlepiej o sobie, żeby pobudzić jakieś emocje... i tak staramy się zapamiętać nasz nowy nabytek... A teraz uwaga! Zaskoczę Was! Ja uczę się tak samo :) ... i dlatego, między innymi, piszę bloga.

Do czego zmierzam? Chciałbym Was zachęcić do śledzenia mojego bloga, ponieważ możecie systematycznie rozbudowywać swoje słownictwo... Na czym polega zaleta takiej nauki? Jak znam życie... kazdy ma tyle zajęć, że nie ma czasu na czytanie czy słuchanie niczego poza angielskim 'ze szkoły', dlatego mój blog... jakby wyręcza Was od wyszukiwania nowych słówek dając jednocześnie możliwość zapamiętania danego słowa przez zostawienie swojego zdania w komentach :)

Dlatego zachęcam Was do dodawania swoich komentarzy... W każdym poście zostawiam Wam pytanie, na które postarajcie się odpowiedzieć... oczywiście najlepiej po angielsku, a jeśli nie, to po polsku...

Poza tym, jeśli będziecie mieć jakiekolwiek pytania do danego słowa lub zgoła inne pytanie dotyczące swojej pracy domowej czy innego problemu, też pytajcie w komentarzach.

Jedną z moich intencji przy tworzeniu bloga była i nadal jest chęć pomagania ludziom w nauce angielskiego. Jeśli zatem masz problem z napisaniem czegoś, nie wiesz jak to ubrać w słowa, nie znasz słówka, albo nie masz pewności czy dobre słówko chodzi Ci po głowie, albo chcesz dowiedzieć się, czy Twoje zdanie jest poprawne, zostaw pytanie w komentarzu do posta z danego dnia... nawet jak nie dotyczy słówka w poście.

To chyba tyle... Zapraszam do kontaktu i współpracy :)

How to give examples?

Today I wanted to give you a few ways of giving examples. It's always better to be able to produce several different phrases than constantly use just one, isn't it? These are a  few of my suggestions:

  • ..., such as... - takie jak...

  • ..., like... - jak (na przykład)...

  • For example/instance, ... - Na przykład...

  • ...including... - włączając...

  • One/Another example of... is... - Przykładem/Kolejnym przykładem... jest...

  • The most obvious example of... is... - Najbardziej oczywistym przykładem... jest...

  • In particular, ... - W szczególności...

  • To be specific... - Uściślając...

My question to you:
Do you know more? Send them in!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

BBC English: fudge

Pisząc post nt. słuchania zachęcałem już do regularnego słuchania różnych rzeczy... Sam regularnie namiętnie słucham radia BBC 4 i słuchając zapisuję ciekawsze słówka, które wpadają mi w ucho. Postanowiłem na tym blogu dzielić się także swoimi 'połowami' ciekawych słówek z różnych audycji w BBC 4.

Dzisiaj, krótki post na temat słówka:  


Słówko 'fudge' ma kilka znaczeń, którym chciałbym się przyjrzeć...

Po pierwsze 'fudge' może być zarówno używane jako rzeczownik, ale także jako czasownik. Zajmiemy się najpierw rzeczownikiem o następujących znaczeniach:

  • partactwo
  • banialuki
  • bzdury
  • nonsens
  • głupoty oraz
  • krówka :) (cukierek)
Jako czasownik słowo 'fudge' oznacza:
  • partaczyć
  • klecić
  • preparować
  • unikać (np. odpowiedzi, problemu)
  • sfałszować (np. rachunki, dane)
Tutaj możecie zerknąć na kontekst, w którym wystąpiło dzisiejsze słówko w audycji radiowej. Chodzi o personalne wycieczki między premierem Cameron'em a merem Londynu Johnson'em odnośnie lotniska Heathrow.

KIlka przykładów z sieci:
  • Former top cop Kiran Bedi has in defence to allegations she fudged travel bills said she did it for a good cause as the money went to her NGO.
  • So she fudged the facts a little...
  • Carla makes her delicious homemade fudge!
  • Good read on how they fudged the job numbers...
  • Emory was fudging SAT data for years.
  • Too bad Fred fudged the show up here in Chicago. He's being sued by Mancow to try to get some of the fans their ticket money back.    
Zadanie dla Ciebie: 
Przyślij swoje zdanie ze słówkiem 'fudge'! Pamiętaj, budowanie zdań z angielskimi słówkami o sobie, o swoim życiu wyzwala pewne emocje, a tam gdzie są emocje, tam łatwiej przyswaja się słownictwo!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fish: the European perch, that is... okoń

Although I am not a keen angler (zapalony wędkarz), not even an angler at all, I am often asked about this fish which is a popular predatory (drapieżny) species in Poland. A few weeks ago when I was in Dobre Miasto, which is a town in Olsztyn County in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship and lies on the Łyna river, I often walked with Kazik, a friend of mine from Gołdap, who IS a keen angler. He often took his rod (wędka) and went to the river to catch some 'okoń'. I am a kind of person who gets annoyed easily when I can't remember an English word for anything that I have already come across. Since 'okoń' wasn't the first time I had tried to remember, I got furious again! This is why I want to talk about

THE EUROPEAN PERCH What I learnt about the European perch then is that it can live over 20 years! I have just found out that this fish deposits (składać) its eggs upon water plants which then stick to the legs of wading birds (ptaki brodzące) and this is the way this species is transferred to other bodies of water. Quite intelligent a system, isn't it?

Anyhow, Kazik was able to catch a few small perch and then let them go again. He was trying to catch a pike (szczupak), but wasn't successful.

So remember... (and I'm urging mostly myself now...), one of the most popular species of fish in Poland is 'okoń', that is the European perch! :) 

A few examples from the Internet:
  • The European perch has been successfully introduced in New Zealand and Australia where it is known as the redfin perch or English perch...
  • Perca fluviatilis, commonly known as the European perch, is a predatory species...
  • The European perch is a freshwater shoal fish found throughout the British Isles and much of Europe...
  • The European perch is dark olive on the back with gold sides marked by...  

My question to you:
Do you like fishing? What for? Are you a keen angler? Have you ever caught any perch?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Does your face turn red when you get embarrassed?

Let's discuss an embarrassing problem for many, i.e. a red face... Are you one of these creatures whose face turns red when you get embarrassed or sometimes even when you don't? It's a serious problem for many as other can easily spot the moment something has embarrassed you. I guess nobody likes when their feelings are involuntarily revealed, do they? So again... are you one of these whose face becomes...


This beautiful simile simply refers to anything that is very red, deep red; and it doesn't necessarily refer only to those situations when you are ashamed; in Polish we also have exactly the same simile and it is 'czerwony jak burak'.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Liam is as red as a beetroot! How embarrassing!
  • When I'm in a sauna, at the slightest bit of exercise my face is as red as a beetroot...
  • My face is as red as a beetroot too. It doesn't matter what the weather is.
  • I should be at the hospital as my face is as red as a beetroot.
  • I'll bet your face is as red as a beetroot!
  • He stifled so many yawns and he is as red as a beetroot.        

My question to you:
Does your face turn red when you get embarrassed? What do you do to get rid of this discomfort? Do you know anybody whose face turns as red as a beetroot?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jak szybciej i efektywniej czytać angielskie teksty?

W nasze życie wkrada się coraz więcej angielskiego... W sumie można stwierdzić, że jesteśmy bombardowani angielskim każdego dnia w reklamach telewizyjnych, radiowych, w prasie, w sklepach, angielski jest obecny na ulicy, w szkole i w stu innych miejscach... Siłą rzeczy człowiek zmuszony jest niejako stawić czoła tej fali zalewających nas każdego dnia słów jeśli nie chce zostawać 'w tyle'. 

Jeśli zatem natkniemy się na jakieś angielskie słowo, to próbujemy je przeczytać, zrozumieć, dowiedzieć się o co chodzi. I tak właśnie należy postępować... Słówko do słówka i będzie niezła mówka :) Ale to poziom, że tak powiem, podstawowy... Na poziomie bardziej zaawansowanym sami albo jesteśmy zmuszeni albo z własnej woli sięgamy po teksty w języku angielskim. Jest bardzo wiele powodów, dla których tak się dzieje. 
Często musimy coś przeczytać po angielsku w pracy, często w szkole, często na studiach, często sięgamy po angielskie teksty na jakiś temat, ponieważ tylko w tej wersji są dostępne... Dzisiaj, jeśli chcesz się dowiedzieć więcej na jakiś temat, musisz nistety... albo stety :) czytać po angielsku. 
Większość stron internetowych na świecie jest w języku angielskim. Mówimy tu o ponad bilionie stron z najróżniejszymi informacjami! Jeśli znasz angielski, jeśli czytasz sprawnie i ze zrozumieniem, to masz automatycznie dostęp do niemal całej wiedzy w sieci! I tu jest pewien problem... Jak czytać szybciej i skuteczniej? 
No właśnie... Myślę, że większość ludzi chciałaby być dzisiaj o krok 'do przodu' i wiedzieć więcej od innych na taki czy inny temat :) Trzeba jednak umieć czytać... Niestety Google translator nie jest aż tak bystry, żeby załatwić nam idealne tłumaczenie tekstu, który jest przedmiotem naszego zainteresowania.
Warto dlatego czytać, czytać, czytać i jeszcze raz czytać! To jest jedyny sposób na to, by przez systematyczny kontakt z angielskimi tekstami wyrobić sobie tak bardzo pożądaną i cenną sprawność czytania ze zrozumieniem!   
Co czytać, jak często czytać i na jakim poziomie teksty? Cóż... trzeba czytać jak najczęściej... Ważne by było to czytanie w miarę systematyczne. Pamiętajcie, że practice makes perfect (czyli... praktyka czyni mistrza!). 
Na jakim poziomie? Na takim, który jest deko wyższy od Twojego! W końcu chodzi o to, żeby Cię też odrobinę stymulować, nieprawdaż? Nie radzę jednak osobie na poziomie podstawowym sięgać po techniczny tekst na temat zasad działania rozwłókniacza pod nawijakiem :)
Co czytać? Z tym chyba nie ma dzisiaj najmniejszego problemu. Rynek jest pełen najróżniejszych tekstów na papierze i w sieci. Wystarczy się rozejrzeć! 
Jeśli lubisz książki... zacznij regularnie czytać książki w oryginale na dostosowanym dla siebie poziomie. Książek jest masa i na każdy temat. Oczywiście najwięcej książek jest w języku angielskim, ponieważ poza anglojęzycznymi autorami tekstów całe tony książek tłumaczone na język angielski z innych języków! Książki możesz z łatwością kupic w księgarni językowej, na Allegro, w całym mnóstwie językowych księgarni internetowych, albo na przykład na :) Polecam też książki dwujęzyczne, z jednej strony tekst polski, a z drugiej angielski. Są to głównie proste teksty bajek, ale i z tych można się wiele nauczyć, szczególnie jak ktoś zaczyna swoją przygodę z angielskim. 
Jeśli nie przepadasz za książkami... zawsze możesz prasę anglojęzyczną. Tylko prasa po angielsku jest dostępna praktycznie na całym świecie. Znajdź sobie tytuł, który Cię zainteresuje i najlepiej go zaprenumeruj w wersji papierowej lub online! Czytanie prasy pozwoli Ci na poznanie żywego języka jakim posługują się na bieżąco rodzimi użytkownicy. Zerknij na przykład tutaj.
Jeśli nie lubisz czytać książek, ani gazet, możesz czytać bloga, który będzie Cię interesował. W sieci w 2011 roku było bilion blogów o przeróżnej tematyce, więc nie ma opcji, żeby ktoś czegoś dla siebie nie znalazł! W tym miejscu zachęcam oczywiście do czytania i śledzenia mojego bloga :)

My question to you:
What English texts do you read? What would you recommend reading? Which websites do you think are worth reading?

Monday, September 3, 2012

wordsearch: at a police station

What about some really easy task today? I would like you to find 11 common words connected with a police station (komisariat policji) in the word square. You can read the words vertically (4) and horizontally (7), both forwards and back-to-front.


Copyright 2012 - English Direct

Good luck!

Just leave the words you will have found in your comment to this post!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to reject offers and suggestions?

Today I wanted to give you a few ways of rejecting offers and suggestions. It's always good to know several assertive phrases which can even save your life sometimes :) What can you say then? These are a  few of my suggestions:

  • No way. - Nie ma mowy.

  • Are you kidding? - Żartujesz sobie?

  • It's out of the question. - Wykluczone.

  • I'd rather not do it. - Wolałbym tego nie robić.

  • Sorry, but I cannot help you with this. - Przykro mi, ale nie mogę ci w tym pomóc.

  • I'm afraid I can't do it. - Obawiam się, że nie mogę tego zrobić.

  • I am afraid it doesn't really appeal to me... - Obawiam się, że nie bardzo mi to pasuje.

My question to you:
Do you know more? Send them in!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do you enjoy helping in the kitchen?

I had a strong desire (silne pragnienie) to add one more post today as I really need to discuss the subject of helping in the kitchen. I am a man so automatically many people could say that I should not be interested in anything that has to do with (ma do czynienia z) helping in kitchens... Surprise! In fact, if I am to prepare some dish (danie) myself and I know I don't need to hurry, I do love doing things in the kitchen. I also love helping in the kitchen, especially when there is some more stuff (rzeczy) to prepare, e.g. before Christmas. When I am only a kitchen helper acting under the supervision (pod nadzorem) of a more experienced cook (kucharz), I do like indulging myself (rozkoszować się) in different tasks I am given while preparing meals. I myself am not an experienced cook so I help even more eagerly (ochoczo) someone who may need a helping hand (pomocna dłoń). I may scrub (oczyszczać) and rinse (płukać) fruits and vegetables or I may tear (rwać, szarpać) lettuce or greens (zielenina). I have always loved shaping dough (ciasto)  and mixing ingredients (składniki). I don't mind peeling (obieranie) oranges or eggs either. I always find it a big challenge to measure various ingredients :) When I was a teenager I spent quite a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting on a range of recipes (przepisy) and I was even successful at times :)

My question to you:
Do you like helping in the kitchen? Why? Do you often help?

WORD SEARCH: means of transport

What about some really easy task today? I would like you to find 14 common words connected with means of transport (środki transportu) in the word square. You can read the words vertically (7) and horizontally (7), both forwards and back-to-front.


Copyright 2012 - English Direct

Good luck!

Just leave the words you will have found in your comment to this post!


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