Sunday, August 5, 2012

Would you like to be a taxidermist?

I wouldn't. The job seems to be rather unpleasant and kind of atrocious. Let's talk about about this, however awful it may be, interesting profession of


A taxidermist is a person who cleans, prepares and preserves the skins of animals and then stuffs and mounts them so that they look lifelike. Well, to be honest it is an interesting job, but you probably need to have some special qualities to do this job. In Polish we use exactly the same word to talk about the profession, such a person is called 'taksydermista'. (Listen to how this word is pronounced.)

I remember that my father used to have quite a few stuffed animals in the house. On the one hand they are nice to look at as you may have an idea what these often wild animals look like, especially when you know that approaching them closely is either impossible or dangerous. In this sense it's great there are taxidermists who prepare such exhibits for museums, etc. On the other hand, you may feel a bit strange being surrounded by dead bodies of stuffed animals... You may feel like in a horror movie being surrounded by those once alive creatures who now give you this everlasting cold and shiver down your back triggering look.

My question to you:
Would you like to be a taxidermist? Why? Why not?

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