Sunday, August 12, 2012

Which do you prefer more: restaurants, pubs or cafes?

Let’s talk about eating places… I like going to restaurants (restauracje) just to taste different dishes (dania). I am not very keen on bars though. I avoid fast food restaurants (bary szybkiej obsługi) as they sell only fatty foods. I don’t mind visiting inns (gospoda) as some of them can be really cool. When I am in a nice place I may either order some grilled dishes (potrawy z grilla) or try some vegetarian dishes (dania wegetariańskie), which are tasty and healthy. Cafes (kawiarnie) are also nice to sit in and to sip coffee just as ice-cream shops (lodziarnie) are. When I was in the UK I visited many public houses (pijalnie piwa) which are more commonly known as pubs. When I was in Kraków, I often went to an IKEA store as there was a self-service (samoobsługowy) food outlet and they served really good meals out there!

My question to you:
Which of these places is your favorite? Why? Could you recommend any from your area?

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