Wednesday, August 15, 2012

similes: Is your skin smooth?

It's half of August now and most of us have already been somewhere on holidays. How did your skin cope with all weather conditions it was exposed to when you were enjoying your holidays? Is it still smooth? Is it


This simile can be used to describe anything that is very smooth, not rough, suave or mellow. We can use this simile to talk about whatever is physically smooth or things that go or are done smoothly. In Polish we also have a similar expression and it is 'miękki jak aksamit'.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • This wine is as smooth as velvet with true varietal fruit flavors...
  • Just as the name implies, this is a light golden ale that is as smooth as velvet.
  • It also has an extremely creamy finish and is as smooth as velvet. Would I buy it again?
  • Delicately fragrant, with a dense, silky flavor, its texture is as smooth as velvet, with a seductive aftertaste that is sublimely satisfying.
  • My fur is as smooth as velvet!         
My question to you:
Is your skin as smooth as velvet? What do you do to make it so?

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