Wednesday, August 22, 2012

similes: How quickly do you do things when your asked for sth??

Summer holidays are great. You usually slow your life down... You don't have to hurry to get things done. You are just at leisure. You slacken yourself. Your tension is released. You ease your mind through recreation. Now think of how we live when we are in the 'work-mode'. We have to do things quickly. We are often 


What this simile means is just that we are very quick, very fast; in Polish we also have a similar expression and it is 'szybki jak błyskawica'.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • The atmosphere is vibrant, the waitresses are hugely welcoming, extremely polite and friendly and the service is as quick as a flash.
  • Even if he can only see with one eye, he is as quick as a flash and built like...
  • ...who's a brilliant stand up comedian, who is as quick as a flash and he's terribly funny and takes no...
  • She was as quick as a flash and said she had some more gold to show me.
  • Brendon McCullum was as quick as a flash and removed the bails before Parnell got back into his crease.          
Anyhow, if you're still on holidays try not to be as quick as a flash and do enjoy your dragging days. Now, speaking of myself, I have to say that I usually like being as quick as a flash. I don't like to sleep on things for ages, which is not good either. Thus, I need to change my behavior and slow down a bit. Hasty actions and words do not pay off. I have made quite a few mistakes in my life by having been as quick as a flash...
My question to you:
How would you describe yourself? Are you usually as quick as a flash?


  1. Hi Rafał!

    I'm quite the opposite. I'm a real slowcoach :). I like to think things over and know all the pros and cons before I act on them. It's definitely not living life to the fullest but it has surely saved me a lot of trouble and disappointment ;D

    1. Well... I'm impressed then. I wish I could be like this sometimes. But man learns all his life, doesn't he?


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