Sunday, August 19, 2012

similes: Do you feel safe?

The times are hard these days. Everybody keeps talking about the big world crisis. People are unemployed. Prices are going up. Besides we observe more and more natural disasters... Moreover, and this is the nastiest of all, people are becoming worse and worse... To sum up, life is getting really hard in many places on this globe. This is the reason why I'm asking you today: Do you feel safe? Are you...


Well, I am... and it's not because I am rich, for I am not; it's not because I have a great job till my retirement, and it's not because I have extremely supportive family... It's because I have trusted God. :) Yeah... I know... it may be shocking for some, but it's true. Anyway, the simile we are discussing now refers to a state when someone feels safe and secure and well protected. In Polish we have a phrase which is similar to the one in question, but it's not exactly the same; we often say 'bezpiecznie jak u mamy' or 'bezpiecznie jak w banku'. But is the latter equivalent (which directly translates as as safe as in the bank) really that safe when banks are struggling with so many financial problems nowadays? I am not so sure.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • Make your property as safe as houses.
  • Nothing is as safe as houses.     
  • If the global economy is as safe as houses, then there's a crash on the way...
  • Residents are as safe as houses in Storth.
  • We provide a free Call Out and Quote service, along with a free security/burglary survey to ensure you are as safe as houses!
  • As I said a few weeks ago these shares are as safe as houses and pay a good dividend...   
My question to you:
What is your idea of how to be as safe as houses?

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