Friday, August 17, 2012

similes: Are your neighbors quiet?

It's good to have good neighbors. What are yours? Are they...


This beautiful simile refers to being very quiet; in Polish we also have a similar expression and it is 'siedzieć jak mysz pod miotłą', which means 'być bardzo cicho'.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • The dressing-room is as quiet as a mouse because no-one wants to speak a word...
  • My sis is as quiet as a mouse. Because you can hardly tell when she's in the house...
  • She's better than other grannies because she is as quiet as a mouse.
  • Their new electric garage door opener is as quiet as a mouse.
  • Molly is as quiet as a mouse, gentle on the leash, great with other dogs and people, and very well behaved in the house.
Why is it good to have neighbors? I'd say they are very useful as they are always the closest when you need help. So whenever you need to borrow a tool or ask them for help, they are there! Neighbors are a perfect solution when you live alone. They can keep us great company. In Holland they even say that it's better to have a good neighbor than a distant friend! :) If you need to go away for a few days you can always ask your neighbor to take a look at your flat or house or just to monitor your property. Such services are invaluable, aren't they? What is more, whether we want it or not, our neighbors often influence our life. It is said that our neighbors are the third group we interact with just after our family and friends... How often is it that people look at what cars their neighbors drive, where they go on holidays, how they manage their yard, etc. Of course, it shouldn't be like this, but people often just copy their neighbors and, what's more, they often want to be better... Isn't it true?

My question to you:
Do you have neighbors? Are they as quiet as a mouse?

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