Monday, August 13, 2012

similes: Are you a serious person?

What kind of person are you? How would you describe yourself? Are you on the funny side or maybe on the serious side? Which is better? Or maybe you're a mix of the two... When are you serious then and when are you more of a clown? Or perhaps you are always


This pretty simile means being very serious; in Polish we just say that someone is 'bardzo trzeźwy' or 'formalny', 'uroczysty'.

Speaking of myself I can say that I'm usually a very joyful person, however, I need to be sober at times although not necessarily as a judge... I am more on the cheerful side of life and my problem is that very often I have to pretend to be as sober as a judge... I feel a bit annoyed when people don't have a sense of humor and treat things absolutely seriously. In the long run, you may get really tired of such behavior.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • The author sifts through an enormous volume of evidence, and his tone is as sober as a judge.
  • He swears that he is as "sober as a judge" but the breathalyzer comes back 0.075...
  • Coroner Dr John Madden said Gavin Duffy, the Peugeot driver, was "nowhere near the legal limit - he was as sober as a judge and no blame could be attached...
  • Sometimes I was even accused of this status even though I was as sober as a judge and telling the God's honest truth...
  • Khumalo was driving from a gospel concert in Potchefstroom, North West, and was as sober as a judge when his BMW Z4 crashed...         

My question to you:
Are you as sober as a judge?


  1. No,I'm not as sober as a judge, I'm usually a cheerful person. I don't like sad and very serious people.

    1. Sorry for the delay in my response I. I have just returned from a recollection program held in Dobre Miasto and had no real access to the Net. Anyhow, thank you so much for having left this post! I am happy you're a cheerful person! There are so few cheerful people these days... when you look around. And I agree with you in saying that sad people may also make you feel a bit depressed, but if someone is sad... it's not without reason... So we should also try to understand them and accept them instead of disliking them :) Don't you think?


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