Saturday, August 4, 2012

Is your bed comfy?

Hello! I have already been for a few days in Kalisz now and I since I am away from my own bed... I want to talk about how important beds are in our lives :) Have you ever thought how important your bed is? We spend almost a third of our lives in our beds so we should make sure that the place we decide to sleep is really comfortable. If we don't have a comfy bed, then we shouldn't be prepared that the quality of our sleep will deteriorate while our stress levels will increase... Thus, much as I like the bed in Kalisz, I would much rather find myself in my own comfy bed :) In my own bed, which is


I guess this simile is quite simple to understand. It mens that something is very soft, very smooth... almost silky... In Polish we would say 'miękki jak jedwab'. It is exactly a word-by-word translation, so it's easy to remember this beauty here :)

A few examples from the Internet:
  • His hand is as soft as silk, his smile timid.      
  • Well bamboo sheets are as soft as silk because bamboo fibers are naturally soft, smooth...
  • The sheets are as soft as silk, the rooms are luxurious, and the in the bar we had pizza and sweet potato fries with our wine that were delicious!
  • The colours are as soft as silk to the touch, to apply and to wear.
  • Her skin is as soft as silk. Her hair is as soft as eiderdown.
  • I might be a little bit wobbly, but my skin is as soft as silk and begging to be stroked!    
Now, I have to say two things... Firstly, As you have noticed in my examples from the Net, anything can be described as as soft as silk, not necessarily sheets on one's bed... Secondly, I have to apologize to you for having said that I miss my bed which is as soft as silk... It's not exactly true as I have a standard, rather rough bed. What is true though is that I still find my hard bed comfy enough :)

My question to you:
Look around, think a bit and tell me about something you would say is as soft as silk...

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