Friday, August 31, 2012

How have you spent your summer holidays? - POLL CLOSED

It's the last day of summer holidays :( Isn't it sad? It's time to go to school and work again! Oh, how I love holidays! I will miss this time a lot. Anyhow, these are the results of the last poll on "How have you spent your holidays?":

It seems that most people have been to a country in Europe. I am part of this group too as I have been to Germany in July. In any case, being in a rut (żyć rutyną) is not entirely (całkowicie) that bad, is it? There are quite a few advantages of getting up in the morning to go to school or work, of doing homework regularly and of performing a hundred routine tasks...

Don't you agree that our routine, however boring it may seem, gives us a sense of safety. I think it's absolutely true... Just think of those times when your daily routine was suddenly broken by an unexpected, and usually sad, event... How often did we then think to ourselves "I wish things would clear up again." I guess we often do not appreciate our boring but safe routine...

Our routine does not allow us to be lazy... Now think of this holiday time when you get up whenever you wish, you do whatever you feel like doing, and you are still tired... When we are in a rut, we don't think that often of how tired we are as we know there are always some things to be done. Our routine teaches us how to be systematic and how to be good at what we do. All in all, by means of being in a rut, we develop ourselves, we are stronger, we are more reliable, we are punctual, we have to be able to fight our tiredness and our weaknesses, which makes us better people...

So... even though getting back to school or work seems a bit discouraging at first glance, it is not as bad as many people think. I would even risk saying that the advantages of being in a rut really outweigh its disadvantages. Thus, let's just be happy that we're back in a rut! 

My question to you:
How are you feeling before the beginning of the new school year? Did you miss your school?


  1. I think that summer holidays are beautiful, but I'm happy to return to work. In my opinion when I have a lot of work I will do more.I work at school and it is very interesting work.I'm feeling I should return to a rut.

    1. Welcome to the club teacher! :) Yes, there are exciting things about holidays but there are even more exciting things about getting back to a rut too :) After all, isn't it beautiful to really get tired before going on holidays?

    2. Yes, it is. And now, time to work. Holiday are fun when people are waiting for it.


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