Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Any adventures with accommodation?

Holiday season often means traveling and staying in different places. My favorite places are hotels (hotele). I know that some people use services offered by accommodation agencies (biura pośrednictwa zakwaterowania) when they don’t want to look for a place themselves. I have never used such agencies. On holidays people often try to find cheap rooms for rent (pokoje do wynajęcia). I have had some experience with these. Some of these rooms were really great but some…  It may also happen that you hope to find a place without prior booking, but then you should be prepared to see only ‘No vacancies’ (brak wolnych pokoi) signs everywhere. When I go on my own, I usually take a single room (pokój jednoosobowy) with breakfast included (śniadanie w cenie). My last room number was 113… What I don’t like about hotels is that you have to fill in those registration forms (karta meldunkowa), which is quite annoying especially when you are tired and would love to go to your room.

My question to you:
Where did you stay this summer? Did you like it? Did you have any adventures with accommodation this summer?

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