Friday, July 6, 2012

words that begin with ex- exuberant

Another EX- word today! Let's take a look at this amazing word:


Just look around... What do you see? If what you see is nothing exuberant, change the environment! Summer makes people and the living world around us more exuberant. Being with exuberant people and looking at exuberant vegetation will surely make you feel happier!

The word is an adjective and may refer to a person, and then we say the person is full of enthusiasm. It may refer to one's mood or excitement, and then we say the person is full of excitement and cheerfulness. The word may also refer to someone's character, and then it means being very energetic. But you can also use the word to talk about someone's imagination which then is lively. Finally, you may use the word to describe vegetation that is abundant and plentiful.

The Polish language translates our word as bujny, bogaty, kwitnący, obfity, pełen zycia, płodny, wybujały, wylewny, pełen entuzjazmu, pełen uniesienia, bardzo żywiołowy. 

Let's take a look at a few examples from the Net:
  • He was exuberant when he won the lottery.
  • The last of the spring flowers were exuberant in their daffodil yellow...
  • The choir team were exuberant hence, produced the best performance of their...
  • He was exuberant, frank, and friendly; his conversation was fast-flowing and flawless.
  • However, the children were exuberant and very interested in learning...
  • She was exuberant but she has now changed in a physical sense. People with depression can look...
  • She was exuberant in her claims and seemed to enjoy giving us the "real" story.
  • ...and attractive flowers were exuberant and sensual, with their bright...               
My question to you:
Are you an exuberant person? Why? Why not? Which of the people you know would you describe as exuberant? Why?
Looking forward to your valuable answers impatiently!


  1. I think I am. Beacouse I am full of enthusiasm and also full of ambicious plans which are a bit connected to being exuberant. Hmmm I would describe my father as an exuberant person, for I take after him :)

    1. Hi Crown! The first comment comes from an exuberant person... That's good!

  2. I'm not an exuberant person. I mean in some cases I am. I'm enthusiastic and full of happiness, energy,, you know. However, it's difficult for me to stay exuberant to others. To tell them that I like them, to show that I'm extremely happy to see them etc. Even if inside of me I'm full of joy that I can see this person, sometimes it is hard to prove it...

    1. Thanks justadreamer! I guess I am not an exuberant person either although I can also be really enthusiastic, cheerful and lively. I guess I just reveal this feature only before my closest ones :)


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