Thursday, July 12, 2012

words that begin with ex- exempt

 Another EX- word today! Let's take a look at this amazing word:


It's the middle of the month and it so good to be on holidays and exempted from your duties. Are you exempted too? Ok, ok, let's just define the word if still haven't figured out what it means... :) The Polish language translates it as uwalniać, zwalniać but this beautiful word also operates as an adjective and means zwolniony, uwolniony, wyłączony, and as a noun to refer to a person who has been exempted from sth, i.e. osoba zwolniona. In English we could define this word as to excuse sb or sth from a duty, and even from payment, to free sb from an obligation...

What do I have to say in this context?
Well, I'd like to focus here on a few other phrases with the word EXEMPT. One of my favorite phrases is to be exempted from taxation (zwolniony z podatku), which actually never happens... Too sad. Another one is to be exempted from a liability (być zwolnionym ze zobowiązania), which is quite a nice thing when you were to perform a task you did not necessarily want to perform but you were obliged by a contract... Wouldn't you agree that this word is really nice?

Let's take a look at a few examples from the Net:
  • If you were exempted from this requirement when you applied for settlement, you must now pass a test or take an ESOL course before applying for naturalisation...
  • According to the official guide, the 14 services which will be exempted from payment of tax include lending of books...
  • The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra was exempted from Military service in WWII.
  • Four Delhi University colleges were exempted by the Delhi high court on Monday from reserving 27 per cent of their seats for...
  • What type of documents will be exempted from access?                 
My question to you:
What have you been exempted from recently?

Looking forward to your valuable posts impatiently!


  1. I hope I will be exempted from 100% attendance at university due to my double major. I just could not do it without either English or Arabic. So in case classes overlap I will have a lot of begging and paper work to do ;D

    1. That will be real drudgery for you to specialize in two languages... but just as we talked yesterday, you will be more likely to make good money later on :)


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