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What to take into account to choose the best spouse ever?

Let's talk about


today... Who is a spouse? Well, it's just your husband or wife :) In Polish we have a beautifully sounding word for this - 'małżonek' (he) and 'małżonka' (she). (Listen to how this word is pronounced.)

Now, what are the things you would say one needs to take into account when looking for a spouse? Take a look at the following list and choose your top three giving your brief justification :)

  • a sense of humor
  • intellect
  • empathy
  • devotion
  • romantic nature
  • taste in books/films, etc.
  • attractive appearance
  • moral values
  • maturity
  • social background
  • educational background
  • financial security
  • professional prosepcts
  • anything else?
Yeah... the decision to choose just three is tough. But let's just try to have a nice conversation on this topis. I guess you either have already found your spouse, you are looking for one or you will be looking for one soon :) Thus, this topic is important for everyone, isn't it?

My question to you:
What to take into account to choose the best spouse ever?


  1. 1) "Devotion" if you mean "pobożność" is very very important if not the most important. And it is easy to explain. If I know that God is the most important for my husband I also know that our marriage will have a solid foundation. I can trust my husband that when we encounter some problems we won't divorce. If not for ourselves, if not for the children, we definitely won't divorce because of God. And moral values and devotion are closely connected with each other.

    2) maturity- it is obvoius, isn't it?

    3) attractive appearance- what "attractive" really means depends on subjective preferences. However, let's face it, it is important how our spouse looks like... xPawlukiewicz said that it isn't normal when we say that it doesn't matter whether our beloved is attractive or not. And for me saying that it's just a rousing lie! :)

  2. Wow... Well written :) So your picks are devotion, maturity (which is not so obvious...) and attractive appearance. Nice! It's hard to choose just three things, isn't it? Anyhow, I agree with you that attractive appearance and maturity should be on the list :) When it comes to the third feature I would go for either maturity or moral values.

    1. attractive appearance and maturity? or appearance and devotion? I don't like the word "devotion". It's similar to dewocja and this is not a good thing... :)

      Matury is obvious. For me at least. It is very difficult to be with an immature person. OK, maybe we all are a bit immature, childish. However, sometimes I see relationships in which one person is very immature and the other suffers... So, does it make any sense for your to be stuck in such relationship? And I don't believe in opinions that "I will change him/ her"... It's up in the air...

    2. Yep... Yesterday I just browsed through a few tabloids (which is what I don't normally do as i think it's a waste of time)... But what shocked me so much was that these papers live only on informing our poor society on who's got divorced recently, who has had how many partners, where someone's third or fourth wedding reception took place and how expensive that was... OMG! Isn't it a disaster to regularly read such things? I'd say that all these celebrities are not mature first of all... This world is so sick. I was just shattered that I could find no valuable article in those papers. Does this mean that our Polish society is so undemanding when it comes to what they read. How can one be so easily pleased with such low-quality texts? Isn't it dramatic that people have got used to reading about other people's divorces, etc? I hadn't read such things for ages and I was really depressed to have read what I did as I came to realize that people are just stupid if they read that shallow papers which, in turn, prove to be successful in promoting bad things, which adds to people's general immaturity. No wonder then our society is not mature, decayed, corrupt and depraved...

    3. "depressed"- it's a perfect word to define my feelings when I read tabloids... I really don't understand why they read such papers. I think they are bad. And evil attracts people nowadays. They are interested in other people's life. They read about rich and famous and they admire them. They want to have lives like famous people... And they really do. It's very very sad how people destroys their families because they heard some famous people saying "it's normal you can stop loving somebody. And it really doesn't make sense to be in such relationship. Let yourself to be happy"... Finally, nobody is happy...

    4. Yeah... Recently I have come across a nice review of a book entitled "Proroctwo o końcu świata 10 Tajemnic Medjugorie" by Father Livio Fanzaga. Here you can read more about the book: I am talking about the book because this is exactly what we are discussing here, i.e. how rotten this world is because Satan, following God's approval, has been more active, which is a sign of the coming end times.

  3. I've read already such news and I agree with them! What is the worst... People do not believe. They don't see how much they harm others, they are infatuated by evil... And the evil tries to look right... But the good news is that there will be much more people saved than condemned :)

  4. Isaiah 41:10 encourages us, “Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” Isn't it comforting?


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