Monday, July 2, 2012

What about some grammar?

The first week of July has started! Incredible how fast this time flies! Are you getting ready for holidays? Where are you going to spend your holidays? Why there? 

Still, we don't want to neglect our English, do we? Therefore, I would like to suggest a new type of activity in which you just have to answer a few simple questions :)

Let me suggest this simple multiple choice exercise today... Just choose the right answers :)

1) Surely Mary ... you if she was not happy with your work.
a. will tell
b. would have told
c. must have told
d. had told

2) It was a beautiful day so we went on a boat ... on the lake.
a. ride
b. travel
c. drive
d. sightseeing

3) I don't suppose you could lend me some money, ...?
a. do you
b. could you
c. don't you
d. couldn't you

My question to you:
Where are you going on holidays this summer? Why there?
Looking forward to your posts!


  1. First the anwsers:

    Actually, I'm going to visit Germany. I'm flying by plane to Berlin on 13th of July. I am going to stay there for three days :D And you?

    1. Hi Crown. Thank you so much for your quick response. Of course, you answers are perfect. What a coincidence! I'm also going to Germany!

  2. Oh I'm so happy my answers was also correct :) There are some things I still remember from ZKN ;)

    1. Thanks justadreamer! Congratulations :)


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