Sunday, July 1, 2012

A thank you post to visitors from Palermo and Tijuana!

Today I would like to thank two visitors to my blog. One is from Palermo, Sicily, Italy and the other one from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico!

I just want to say I am extremely happy to came to my blog. Both locations are very exotic to me as I have been neither to Italy not to Mexico!

I love traveling and seeing all different world's places. It's so amazing how amazing this world is. I wish I could visit as much of this world as possible!

I know almost nothing about Palermo... I have read it is a cultural, economic and a touristic capital that is historically rich and its weather attracts lots of tourists who love the city's nightlife and its beautiful outdoor markets. Besides, as I can see on the map, another local attraction is Mt Etna, an active volcano that gives people a rush of adrenaline by smoking, puffing ash and oozing lava :)

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When it comes to Tijuana, I know really nothing... I have only found out that it is a big city with very young inhabitants that makes excellent workers :)

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I have also read somewhere that the Caesar Salad was invented there too :)

My question to you:
Have you ever been to either Palermo or Tijuana? What interesting things can you share with us as regards these places?

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