Sunday, July 8, 2012

A thank you post to a visitor from West Molesay, UK!

This is just a thank you post to a visitor to my blog from West Molesay, UK :)

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I wasn't in West Molesay, but I was in Hampton Court Palace, which is in East Molesay and just 2 miles from West Molesay :)

When I was visiting the site, it was being renovated, and this is why you can see scaffolding in the first picture. But the question is... What is Hampton Court? Well, first of all it is a grand place really worth visiting. It is just 24 kilometers to the west of London, so it's a stone's throw :)

Now, to be more specific about the place, it must be said the palace was built by Cardinal Wolsey in 1515! Later, the builder gave the palace to King Henry VIII because he wanted to stay friends with the king... What a nice gift...  

Later on, in the year 1689, the palace was made even bigger by King William III and, what's important, all additions were designed by another famous British architect - Christopher Wren.

Today Hampton Court is one of many superb British tourist attractions and is open to the public. In the second picture you can part of its gardens, which are a must to see there. There is a fantastic maze which you must experience yourself!

So, dear visitor from West Molesay... if you ever decide to visit this blog once more, please tell us more about yourself and West Molesay! What's interesting out there?

My question to all visitors is:
Have you ever visited Hampton Court or the County of Surrey? What are your impressions? or Has anybody been to West Molesay?

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