Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still in Germany...

...and still having a great time...

However, it's my last day here although my return flight is late at night :) And I am not going to waste this time! Now I have realized that to familiarize yourself with such a great city as Berlin you need to spend at least a year here :) 

Berlin ist großartig!

Anyhow, I am still thinking of you.... my dear blog visitors, followers and random guests :) 
Here you go with another multiple choice exercise for today... Just choose the right answers :)

1) I wanted to go to Mary and look for the key there but it turned out I ... as my wife had the spare on her.
a. needn't have gone
b. did not need to
c. needn't to go
d. did not need to go

2) I do realize how expensive it is going to be, ... .
a. but my brother do not
b. but my brother does
c. but my brother does not
d. neither does my brother

3) I know I ... but I did not feel like doing that.
a. must have helped her
b. could have helped her
c. should help her
d. ought have helped her

My question to you:
What are the most problematic areas of studying English for you? Why?
Looking forward to your valuable comments and answers to this exercise!


  1. Hi Rafal, finally figured out how to join the blog. So your in Germany? That is awesome. Hope to be able to plan for a trip to Poland in summer of 2014. So how hard would it be for me to visit outside of Poland when we get there like travel to Hungary and Germany. I guess I'm just not familiar with how far, costs, etc.



    1. Hi Floyd! I am so happy to have you here. I am just back from Germany and getting ready to go to the Baltic Sea the day after tomorrow :) It's also good news that you're planning a visit to Poland :) I don't think it would be a problem for you to travel to Hungary or Germany. You can fly anywhere from all European capitals and the prices are quite reasonable. If you have some specific questions, if you want me to suggest hotels, websites, routes, etc. please do not hesitate to ask. I will be happy to help you tailor your unforgettable trip to Europe!


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