Tuesday, July 31, 2012

similes: What's your complexion?

It's a good question, especially during summer holidays, isn't it? I spent a few days by the Baltic Sea this summer and whenever I go to the seaside in summer I always have the same problem... How to effectively protect my skin against those killing sun rays? Why do I have this problem? Well, my complexion is not used to being sunbathed :) I have had rather unpleasant encounters with our sun's activity and since then I have always tried not to expose myself too much to the sun.

Of course, I can't say that I am


... but I can say I should be careful when I go out in the sun. Anyhow, this beautiful simile means being very pale, ashen, pallid, wan; in Polish we also have a similar expression and it is 'biały jak ściana'.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • One of my friends was as white as a sheet when she came across...
  • I looked at Suzanne who was as white as a sheet.
  • I spoke to some of the workers that recovered him and his bike after the race. Apparently he was as white as a sheet.
  • I don't know if I screamed, but I know I was as white as a sheet with tears starting to...
  • She ran in to me and said I was as white as a sheet and immediately took my blood pressure.
  • Lucy a story but her daughter was lethargic, her temperature was warmer than normal, and she was as white as a sheet.       

So remember not to attempt to get exposed to the Sun for prolonged periods of time. Be extra careful when you take a plunge in the water because the skin may get badly burnt and you won't even be able to notice any warning signs. You should stay in when the Sun is at its hottest, that is from ten in the morning to three in the afternoon. And remember to stay under a shade and provide extra protection to your skin especially when your complexion is as white as a sheet :) 

My question to you:
What is your complexion? Have you ever had problems with sunbathing?

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  1. This entry is describing me and my complexion very acurately. I am as white as a sheet. Which at times causes a lot of problems because fair complexion is easily irritated by sunbeams. I remember one of my first vacation in so called "cieple kraje" as we name them in Polish. It was Spain and guess which Spanish words took root in my memory? QUEMADURAS SOLARES, sunburns. Second degree! Bear in mind that I used sunscreen with SPF 30. Right now Im not going anywhere without sunscreen for kids :) Which is usually 60 SPF or so.


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