Saturday, July 28, 2012

How are you today?

...because I am quite fine :) although this weather is really hard to stand. In the morning my outdoor thermometer recorded 36 degrees Celsius. This is going to be another day of scorching heat although weather forecasts said we would have heavy rains... As for now I have noticed none of these :(

Anyhow, I want to say that I am


This is a great simile in English, which means being completely well or wealthy, which in Polish means być w najzupełniejszym porządku.

A few examples from the Internet:
  • I jut take a pill a day and am as right as rain.
  • I usually have 2 weeks of IV and am as right as rain but this cough is just odd.
  • Shower upon waking in the morning and I am as right as rain with no sign of a cold anymore.
  • God bless. Just got out of debt and I am as right as rain!
  • But don't worry it is not a long term sickness that I have picked up, I am as right as rain today and am raring to go.
  • ...after a good night's sleep, I am as right as rain again in the morning.    
My question to you:
What do you do to be as right as rain after a quarrel, a disagreement, etc.? 

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