Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hello on a Thursday! Don't you feel like trying some grammar and vocabulary today? Well, I do ;)


Try to rack your brain (pogłowić się) over this simple multiple choice exercise... Just choose the right answers and leave them in your comment to this post :)

1) ... reaching the summit, the first thing they did was to raise their national flag.
a. When
b. The moment
c. On
d. As soon as

2) Don't throw it away, maybe ... people will need it.
a. another
b. others
c. different
d. other

3) I suggest ... there next week.
a. us to go
b. we went
c. for us to go
d. that we should go

My question to you:
Where are you going on holidays this summer? Why there?
Looking forward to your valuable comments!

1 comment:

  1. add?

    I'm going to Głotowo, to "charge the batteries" :)


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