Monday, July 16, 2012

Greetings from Germany!

Guten Morgen aus Deutschland!

It's been a few great days in Berlin. There are so many great places that are really worth seeing. In the picture you can see the Pergamon Museum. the location is just wonderful as the museum is located on the Museum Island. What can we see there? Well, lots of things... I think that original-sized monumental buildings are top-notch!  

Let me suggest another simple multiple choice exercise today... Just choose the right answers :)

1) The meeting was ... and very boring!
a. time-wasting
b. time-consuming
c. time-using
d. out of time

2) After the movie was released, the main ... was its excessive use of violence.
a. discussion
b. speaking
c. conversation
d. talking

3) By the time Paweł get here, the movie ... .
a. will finish
b. is going to finish
c. will have finished
d. is finishing

My question to you:
Is there any particular grammar/lexical aspect you would like me to explain?
Looking forward to your posts!

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