Saturday, July 14, 2012

Greetings from Berlin!

Grüße aus Berlin! Wir haben eine tolle Zeit hier!
(Is my German correct?)

Yes! This time I am writing from the capital of Germany! Why from here? Well, we are here on holidays! Why Berlin? Well, my son had been learning German for two years now (last year with our neighbor who is a great great teacher of German) and a few months ago he had an idea he wanted to test his language skills in Deutschland :)

So here we are... My son is speaking German wherever he can and passes for a German kid as his accent is really cool. Myself, who am trying to speak some German and am told by people's faces something like "Don't you speak English better perhaps?" And my wife, who is absolutely at ease with English...

Anyhow, Berlin is a really great city and I am surprised we hadn't been here before... There are so many attractive place to sightsee and so many things to do. Our itinerary is packed with activities. 

My question to you:
Where are you now? Are you on holidays? What are you doing?
Looking forward to your posts!


  1. Have fun the three of you!!!

    1. Thanks karola. We have already taken a look around the city. It's our first day here, but it seems the city has liked us :)

  2. Talented parents= talented children :) When I came back after my first holiday in Germany, I was mixing Polish and German all the time. You probably will mix Polish, German and English :)

    I'm working on a lesson for my students. I'm looking for a nice movie for children to watch tomorrow... My holidays will probably start in the second half of August. Recollection in Głotowo with my friends. Near lake... I can't wait! :)

    Have a nice trip and say hi to your family! :)

    1. Hmmm... In fact I am fed up with German... While in Berlin I realized again how beautiful English is! I also have a feeling that if I had stayed there a bit longer I would start speaking English with a strong German accent. I did try to speak German and, what surprised me a lot, I was even successful :) However, I felt much more confident speaking English, which is what the Germans didn't like too much... At least this is my impression...

      Głotowo? I have never heard this name. I am sure you will have a whale of a spiritual time there! Have you set off yet?

    2. No, as I say, I'm leaving in the second half of August :) I really can imagine English with a strong German accent. It is sooo funny :)

      Imho, German people are not too open for people of other nations. They are specific and seem to be a little reserved... Do you think it is true?

    3. Wow! I've just checked where Głotowo is and I see it's just near Dobre Miasto, where I'm going to spend time from 12 to 19 August! :) And as for the Germans... yes... it's absolutely true that they are rather unfriendly, reserved and they draw long faces...

  3. Oh yes, that's true! And we come to Głotowo on the 19th of August... :)


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