Monday, July 30, 2012

Do you often escape into the the world of film?

It doesn't happen very often in my case. However, from time to time I may watch a good movie, especially when I know I can learn a few things from the movie. Recently I have watched a few nice ones I could highly recommend:
  1. Saint Paul directed by Roger Young
  2. The Jesus Film directed by Peter Sykes, John Heyman and John Krisch
  3. Saint John Bosco directed by Lodovico Gasparini
I really enjoyed these films and I think everyone should see them whether they believe in God or not. Anyhow the reason I am writing about film today is that I want to introduce a few words connected with movies in general.

Let's take a look at a few words:
  • credits - a list of people who contributed to a movie; Polish: napisy końcowe
  • tear jerker - a very emotional movie; Polish: wyciskacz łez
  • silent film - it's a movie without words; Polish: kino nieme
  • animations - it's creation of cartoons; Polish: animacje
  • sequel - a continuation of a movie; Polish: ciąg dalszy
  • western - a film situated in the west; Polish: western
  • debut - it's a movie's first public appearance; Polish: debiut
  • celebrities - famous people; Polish: znani ludzie, celebryci
  • edit a film - it's about making changes and corrections before the film is released; Polish: edytować, przygotować
  • dubbed film - it's a film with a separate sound track that is added to the original movie because actors read the script in a different language; Polish: film z dubbingiem
  • close-up - it's a situation when while shooting a film a cameraman records things and/or people from a close distance; Polish: zbliżenie
  • special effects - these are illusions created for movies; Polish: efekty specjalne
  • acting - it's a profession of performing in films; Polish: gra
  • subtitles - these are translations of a foreign-language film which appear at the bottom of the screen; Polish: napisy
  • location - it's a site where a movie is filmed; Polish: lokalizacja
My question to you:
Do you often escape into the world of film? What films would you recommend? Why?


  1. I don't have time for watching films ;((( However, I recommend Fireproof, the Encounter, Corageous... And that's it :) All the films I have ever watched later I forgot. These three I will remember till the end of my life :)

    1. Corageous? What film is this? I am looking for more films like the ones you once recommended and the once I recommend in my post :) Can I find it on YT? To be honest I don't have time to watch films either. But since I have holidays and have more free time, I have indulged myself into watching those life-changing and thought-provoking movies... :)


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