Monday, July 9, 2012

The best words to describe weather?

Hello on a Monday! The weather here has been really awful for the last few days. It's been hot as hell with very little rain. This weather has made me think of giving you a selection of very useful words to describe weather.

Let's take a look at them:
  • it was muggy - było duszno, parno
  • there was a rainbow - była tęcza
  • we had a hail storm - mieliśmy burzę gradową
  • it drizzled - mżyło, kropiło, siąpiło :)
  • it was sultry - było parno, duszno, gorąco
  • it was foggy - było mglisto
  • there was a violent thunder - był gwałtowny grzmot/piorun
  • there was dense fog - była gęsta mgła
  • it was humid - było wilgotno
  • we had black clouds - mieliśmy pochmurne niebo
  • there was thunder and lighting - była burza z piorunami
  • it looked like rain - wyglądało, jakby miało padać
  • it was a dry day - to był suchy dzień
  • it was hazy - było mglisto
  • the weather was rainy - pogoda była deszczowa
  • there was a powdering of snow - poprószył śnieg
  • the sky was blue - niebo było niebieskie/bezchmurne
  • we had a blizzard - mieliśmy zamieć śnieżną
  • it was wet - było mokro
  • there were snow drifts - były zaspy
  • the sun was shining - świeciło słońce
  • it was windy - było wietrznie
  • it poured down - lało
  • it was calm - było spokojnie
  • it was freezing - było mroźno
  • it was breezy - było rześko
  • it was teeming down - mocno padało
  • it was blustery - wiał porywisty wiatr
  • it was bitterly cold - był przejmująco mroźnie
  • it was blowing a gale - była wichura
  • the rain was heavy - padało ulewnie
  • we had a heavy storm - mieliśmy sporą burzę
  • it was icy cold - było lodowate zimno
  • there was torrential rain - był ulewny deszcz
  • it was a cold day - to był zimny dzień
  • there were a few showers - był przelotny deszcz
  • we had gray skies - mieliśmy szare/pochmurne niebo
  • it was showery - było deszczowo/ulewnie
  • it was cloudy - było pochmurno
My question to you:
What is the weather like in your place of living? (Indicate where you are writing from!)


  1. That was the topic of my lesson yesterday :) Maybe just the vocabulary was a little easier :) So yesterday was sultry however, about 1 p.m. was heavy rain. Today: it's still muggy I think :) but it will change on Thursday unfortunately... I'm loving hot weather!

    1. Such blistering heat is what you love? Wow! I am fed up with these high temperatures... you are sweaty non-stop, you can't sleep, etc. I don't mind temps between 20C and 26C, but when the 30C border is crossed, it's not nice any more...

  2. Recently in Poznań during the day we experience oppressive heat, while at night there are torrential rains and violent storms.

    1. Oh... SO you're a Poznań girl :) Great! Anyways, as I see, there's no difference between your and my weather here although it is getting a bit cooler now, which makes me feel much much better :)


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