Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The best words to describe physical appearance!

How often do we find ourselves in situations when we need to describe someone's physical appearance? I'd risk saying... quite often. We may not even be aware of this, but we look around and see people and even if we don't say things aloud, we think about someone's looks. We try to describe people... Today I want to suggest a few nice words you may find useful when describing someone's looks.


Let's take a look at them:
  • he is tall - jest wysoki
  • she has long hair - ma długie włosy
  • she is of medium height - jest średniego wzrostu
  • he had crutches - był o kulach
  • he was on the short side - był raczej niski
  • she had a humped back - była przygarbiona
  • he is petite - jest drobny
  • she walks with a limp - utyka
  • he was fat - był gruby
  • she has a tattoo on... - ma tatuaż na...
  • he is rather plump - jest raczej korpulentny
  • he has a thick moustache - ma gęste wąsy
  • she is just obese - jest zwyczajnie otyła
  • he has a goatee beard - ma hiszpańską bródkę
  • he is of average build - jest średniej budowy ciała
  • he has a scar on... - ma bliznę na...
  • she has full lips - ma pełne usta
  • she is so slim - jest taka szczupła
  • he is as thin as a rake - jest chudy jak szczapa (dosł. chudy jak grabie :))
  • she has an upturned nose - ma zadarty nos
  • he is skinny - jest chudy (wychudzony)
  • she has a spotty face - ma krosty na twarzy
  • he is very muscular - jest bardzo muskularny
  • her face has wrinkles - jej twarz ma zmarszczki
  • he is stocky - jest krępy
  • her complexion is ruddy - jej cera jest rumiana
  • she has sallow complexion - ma ziemistą cerę
  • she has a hourglass figure - ma kształtną figurę
  • she wears a wig - nosi perukę
  • she has shoulder-length hair - ma włosy do ramion
  • he has a cre-cut - ma fryzurę na jeża
  • he has a mohican hairstyle - ma irokeza
  • her hair is unkempt - jej włosy są nieuczesane
  • he has receding hair - łysieje
  • she has a parting on the left - ma przedziałek po lewej stronie
  • he is bald - jest łysy
  • she has a fringe - ma grzywkę
  • he has straight hair - ma proste włosy
  • she has curly hair - ma kręcone włosy
  • she has plaits - ma warkocze
  • he has raven hair - ma krucze włosy
  • she has dyed her hair - ufarbowała włosy
My question to you: 
What do you look like?


  1. I'm of medium height- I hope ;) a parting on the left, a fringe, straight hair... And that's it! :) My weight will change :) I'm working on it! :)

    1. Great! Thanks! As to weight... I have to say that I also have to keep fighting it. I used to weigh 100kg... Can you imagine? For the past two years I have lost 20kg. The most problematic thing though is maintaining the right weight...

    2. ...and the worst putting on weight during winter........ :/ Very problematic are also regular meals. Or maybe I should say irregular. I remember that during January I lost 4 kilos. Unfortunately in February we had to change the flat. 2 days of intensive work, almost no food. However, in the evening I had to eat... I was eating late. And my body had to make up for calories. So probably you know the result... I got back my lost 4 kilos...

    3. Yeah... Fighting those nasty kgs is real torment. I have started riding a bike... I try to cycle twice a week for about 20km... It's hard but again... very irregular. Besides I play football with my son, which also helps a bit :) I try not to eat meat too often and I have given up eating food after 6 pm... and I still have to lose a few kgs :( !!!

    4. meat is healthy! give up rice, potatoes, sweets and fried things. I can't give up meat. But I bake it or boil. And I gave up eggs, butter almost completely and changed cream to yoghurt :) but ok, that's not the topic of your post, right? :)

    5. Well.. it isn't quite off the topic as we are still talking about things that impact our physical appearance :) Anyhow, I prefer fish, I love rice :) I have given up sweets. At any rate, I guess it's worth studying food combining for the Hay Diet... I've just found out about it and it looks promising. What do you think? (http://www.haydiet.co.uk/)

    6. Yeah, I love fish either but I've heard that they can be unhealthy if you eat them every day :) This diet seems to be interesting. I must learn about it :) One big minus is NO COFFEE! I love coffee :(

    7. I used to drink coffee every single day, at least three-four cups a day... I was addicted. Now I drink a healthier substitute, i.e. chicory coffee :)

  2. I'm rather on the short side. Thick, straight, long, fair hair. Pale as a ghost ;)

    1. Cool! However, I'd say "long, straight, thick, fair hair" :)
      Why are you pale? Is being pale as death your inborn feature or do you take care not to be brownier?

    2. It's my inborn feature. I'm also sensitive to sunlight (which is usually the case with pale people) so I easily get burnt.

    3. Welcome to the club then :) I am also a paleface and have to avoid sun like hell :) I made a few attempts to get a nice suntan but the consequences were pathetic... :)

  3. I am rather high, with short brown fringe, brown eyes... I still work on my weight. I'm not one of thoes people who eat Nutella and drink Neaste every day ^_^

    1. Thanks! I think you should have said:

      I am rather ***tall***, with ***a*** short brown fringe, brown eyes... I (am) still work(ing) on my weight. I'm not one of ***those*** people who eat Nutella and drink ***Nestea*** every day ^_^


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