Thursday, July 26, 2012

Are you a teetotaler?

I know it's a holiday season and people generally indulge themselves in all kinds of pleasures including drinking alcohol... This is why I want to talk about


today... Who is this? Well, it's just a person who never drinks alcohol. (Listen to how this word is pronounced.)

Have you ever tried not to drink anything for a longer period of time? Why?

Why shouldn't we drink alcohol? Well, there are many reasons why we should avoid it.

First of all, it affects your body and mind. Thus, after a few glasses of an alcoholic beverage your walking and talking are debilitated. You start saying things you would never say. You say things you don't mean. While those physical effects will disappear overnight, the mental ones may last much longer... Is it worth it? Excessive drinking will surely lead to a hangover next morning and a thumping headache. If you drink regularly, you slowly become addicted... You age prematurely, you have circles under your eyes and your skin becomes dry. I guess it's common knowledge that alcohol also destroys your liver, which is the cause of thousands of deaths each ear. Why do people drink? Alcohol is the source of all evil... sooner or later you will find yourself down in the dumps unless you really stop and think whether it is really worth drinking at all... To tell you more, drinking often leads to various cancer types, usually liver and mouth cancer. Besides, you risk developing chronic pancreatitis (zapalenie trzustki) and diabetes (cukrzyca). What is more, when you drink regularly, you develop all sorts of depressions, which may then turn into serious mental health problems and you start experiencing hallucinations and delusions. But, as I have already said, this is just the tip of the iceberg... Why? The most painful side-effects are work and family problems, which usually lead to isolation and depression. Heavy drinkers simply withdraw from 'normal' life, ruin their relations with the ones they should love and suffer from all sorts of phobias, a fear of going out being one of many examples.

Alcohol has ruined so many lives... so many families... Why don't you think this over and try to avoid alcohol at all cost as drinking always gradually leads to nothing more but severe deterioration of all spheres of your life... 

My question to you:
Do you have a different opinion on drinking?


  1. I think that everything was made for people. And here is a place for our common sense... We can be addicted not only to alcohol, but also to food, to drugs, to computer games... All those things can be really harmful... I'm not a teetotaler. I drink alcohol, very very seldom, but sometimes I do. However, I wanted to sign a crusade (podpisać krucjatę) but in my case it wouldn't be any sacrifice because I can live without alcohol...

  2. I entirely agree with justadreamer everything was made for people. We should use brains and drink within reason. After long hot day at work I like to drink a pint cold beer;)

  3. Yep. Drinking should be reasonable, that's for sure. I used to drink beer... now I prefer dry red wine and I don't drink very often. So I am not a teetotaler but there are periods during a year where I just don't touch any alcohol. Sometimes a pint of cold beer is just great too :) Have you ever experienced with other alcoholic beverages? For instance, I have never liked vodka. I may have drunk it on a few occasions but it's just awful.

  4. My work experience in hospitality gave an opportunity to taste various alcoholic beverages from all over the world but still the most enjoyable is a pint of cold beer. Sometimes I can drink a very popular English summer drink pimms and lemonade or gin and tonic. Vodka is tasteless for me, red wine to heavy.


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