Friday, June 29, 2012

words that begin with ex expectant

Another EX- word today! Let's take a look at this amazing word:


Hey! What about another fantastic ex- word? Today the magic word refers to a situation when someone is in a state of anticipation... In Polish we could define this word as oczekujący, wyczekujący... 

What do I have to say in this context?
For some reason I come to think of expectant mothers... Isn't it the most beautiful period in a woman's life?  I guess it could easily be called the most joyous time of life. Not only do women look more beautiful but there is something wonderful about how they grow emotionally, how they change inside... Another thing is that being an expectant is just so miraculous as there is a new life who is about to be brought into this world. And suddenly, where there are two, there are three people! :) Isn't it a beautiful and rewarding thing? Of course this word is not only to be used to talk about mothers-to-be... We may also talk about expectant heirs (prawowity spadkobierca), expectant fathers or children's expectant faces when they are awaiting some surprise :)

Let's take a look at a few examples from the Net:

  • If you are an expectant twin dad wondering what your twin pregnancy and future holds, help is on the way...
  • It's that time of the week yet again when you've got a pack of hungry, expectant faces at home exchanging longing glances...
  • Packed with helpful information on the typical struggles and feelings expectant fathers face, Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies gives first-time fathers...
  • Here's a guide to pregnancy and birth for the expectant dad.
  • An expectant heir may contract to transfer his or her interest in an expected inheritance to another person or entity.   
My question to you:
Are you an expectant mother/father? Were you one? Will you be one? Or perhaps you are an expectant heir :) Share your story!

Looking forward to your valuable posts impatiently!

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