Wednesday, June 27, 2012

words that begin with ex- exhort

Another EX- word today! Let's take a look at this amazing word:


Today I would like to exhort you to learn this fantastic word :) What does it mean? Well, the meaning is napominać, namawiać, nawoływać, popierać, upominać, zachęcać... In English we could define this word as to try to persuade sb to do sth, to encourage sb to do sth, to urge strongly, to advise earnestly... 

What do I have to say in this context?
Well, I don't particularly like being exhorted to do things unless they're something nice... But seriously... I exhort you to be good people in everyday life as it pays off.

Let's take a look at a few examples from the Net:
  • The boss exhorted the workers not to go on strike
  • The population of Britain, along with tight rationing of most foodstuffs, was exhorted to 'Dig for Victory.'
  • The conference was exhorted to see that victory was a result of team work, not...
  • I was exhorted to call different numbers...
  • The public was exhorted to "exercise every economy" in the use of fuel.
  • British industry, meanwhile, was exhorted to 'export or die', and until well into the 1950s the majority of new British bikes were sold abroad.   
My question to you:
Do you remember what you were exhorted to do when you were a kid?

Looking forward to your valuable posts impatiently!


  1. I have a problem figuring out if "to exhort" has only a negative connotation or both? Negative and positive?

    I also think that you should sometimes provide the reader with proper pronunciation. I think most of us would read the word just as it is, while the correct pronunciation is /ig'zort/, with "z" sound and second syllable stress.

  2. Thanks CardamomTea. As usual your post is of great worth to me. As I have learnt, the word is a positive one.

    I will also try to provide the pronunciation of each word. Sure!


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