Thursday, June 7, 2012

words that begin with ex- excavate

Another EX- word today! Let's look at the amazing word


What is it? Well, in Polish we translate it as wykopać, odkopać, przekopać, wydrążyć or prowadzić wykopaliska. In English we could define this word as to uncover something under the earth by digging...

Let's take a look at a few examples from the Net:
  • I have excavated a few other palaeolithic cave sites in Israel and Wales, a mesolithic site in Yorkshire and a Roman military camp in...
  • All this takes place about 10300 years ago, in the part of southern England that...
  • I excavated a few more seventeenth-century skeletons in the full gaze of the...
  • Further to the south, the Greek Archaeological Service excavated a few burials belonging to another burial plot, the 'South Cemetery'.
  • But at last British archaeologists have excavated it, and discovered its remarkable secrets.
  • I have excavated a wide variety of British historic and prehistoric periods, including the Neolithic, Iron Age, Romano-British, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval...
My question to you:
Have you ever excavated anything valuable? What was it? When? Where? Tell us something about it!

Looking forward to your posts impatiently!      


  1. This may seem a little exaggeration but I'd hazard to draw a comparison between conducting excavation and cleaning up my room ;). And so when it comes to some serendipitous ;) findings the list would include: my cats' toys, pennies and high school notes ;). So there's a plethora of things I encounter, although unfortunatelly I've never discovered a treasure.

  2. Well, to be honest I can't think of having this kind of excavation in my room... as I have always kept things in order... And I am not saying this because I think I am better or anything like that, why I'm saying this is that I may simply lack something as I have heard that people who tend to have a little mess in their workplace are more creative... Well... You know what I lack now :)

  3. You're mincing words ;) But I'm strong enough to face the truth: some day I will be a terrible housewife ;)

  4. ... which doesn't mean you won't develop yourself... :)

  5. Gaza 1983 Neolithic and bronze era. Discoverd a ceramic bowl. A great experience!!

    1. Wow! Impressive :) How much did you earn on this? Are you forced by law to return such objects to your local museum or can you keep it for yourself and, say, sell it?


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