Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to be the best dad in the world?

Hey! It's Father's Day today! I am one of those guys who has been given this wonderful privilege of being a father too! My son has already given me hugs and gifts, which makes me really proud of having a great son and being his dad. What does it take to be a great dad today? Well, this is such a tough task these days... However, I believe it is worth considering the following secrets shared by the best fathers :)

1. SHOW RESPECT TO THE MOTHER OF YOUR CHILDREN. This is one of the best things a father can do for his kids. Respect and support your wife. Your kids sink in the atmosphere you create with your wife. If it is full of mutual respect, then it will guarantee your kids' growth and proper development.
2. GIVE CHILDREN YOUR TIME. This is one of the hardest things to do as fathers usually find it so difficult to devote their precious time to kids. The way you spend your time with kids shows how much you love them. If you always look tired and have no time for them, do not be surprised that whatever you say to them remains pure double talk. Those precious moments you can spend with your kid are really to be cherished... and if these moments are lost... they are lost for ever...
3. EARN YOUR OWN AUTHORITY. This is also one of very difficult tasks to accomplish. Why? The answer is rather simple. It often happens that children 'talk' ti their father only when they have done something wrong... Those conversations are not nice then and what kids usually remember is that 'talking to Dad' means only trouble. A similar case is when fathers try to build their authority by demanding from kids to respect them... We shouldn't be surprised then that kids simply avoid 'talking' to fathers if these talks are often associated with fear, shouting or other unpleasant things... What's the solution? Talk to your kids! The earlier you start, the better! Make sure your kid come to you willingly and wants to tell you his/her problems. Make sure he/she wants your advice! Make sure you can give him/her your support! Find time, shut up and just listen to you kids.
4. LOVE BUT DEMAND. All kids need role models and discipline which is understood not as punishment but as setting out the limits. Remind your kids of negative consequences of wrongful deeds, but praise good ones. Remember, you've got to be a father that demands and disciplines his kids in a controlled and just manner not forgetting about showing love and respect.
5. BE A ROLE MODEL. Yes. Again, it's difficult, but remember that you are the person your kid will copy even if he/she is not really aware of this. A girl who spends time with her loving father learns that she deserves to be treated with respect by boys. This is what she'll be looking for in a husband-to-be. A father can teach his son what really is important in life by being honest, modest and responsible.
6. BE A TEACHER. If you teach your kid what is wrong and what is good, he/she will be able to make good choices in the future. An involved father always tries to discuss situations and gives examples to help him/her understand and learn the basics of life.
7. HAVE MEALS TOGETHER. Remember that a table is a place which unites people, especially family members. It gives a feeling of belonging. "Sharing your bread" is one of the most important things you do together. Having meals together is a great opportunity to look at each other, to talk about things, to laugh... It's a great time for you to listen to your kids and to give your kids support and advice if needed. So... do have meals together and cherish this time.
8. READ TO YOUR KIDS. Everybody knows what this 'developed' world looks like. TV and computers dominate family life and it is really important not to waste time watching it brainlessly alone. Instead, switch the TV off and try to encourage your kids to read books. Instilling love for books into children's life early is very important as it is one of those things you can't buy with money. If you really need to watch something, make sure you can watch something valuable together.
9. SHOW FEELINGS. Fathers are often thought of as tough men who should neither have nor show any feelings. This is terribly wrong! Do show feelings. Your kids need security that is born out of their conviction they are wanted, accepted and loved by their parents! So hug and kiss your kids. This is the simplest way of showing your love.
10. YOUR ROLE AS FATHER NEVER ENDS. Even when your kids are older and ready to leave their family nest, or even when they are already adults, they still need you! They always seek your life wisdom and advice regardless of whether it concerns your kids' studies, their new job, love life, etc. You will always play the most important role in your kids' lives even when they start their own families...

Do you agree?           


  1. Replies
    1. No, I'm a mother but in my opinion to be a good father is very difficult and important.

    2. Right. In fact this world is suffering from lack of fathers who could really live up to their kids expectations. I am not saying I am a perfect father as I am not... but I'm trying :)

  2. Wonderful! However, I would add one more not tip but fact: you become a father from the moment of conception! Not all fathers realise this truth. Still, very beautiful one...

    All the best for fathers reading this post! :)

    1. Thank you Asia for your contribution here. It's true what you said of course. The thing is how to apply all these tips in one's life?

  3. Your take on fatherhood is very discerning.

    What I would add is, love your child unconditionally. Very often parents show love and interest only if the child achieves something. They want it to prove successful to the extent that they pressure it to be the best. According to me, a child should be loved and supported not only if it receives 5s but also when it happens to have a bad day.

    In recent issues Charaktery magazine covered the topic of fatherhood. June issue investigates how fathers influence their daughters' self-esteem and april(?) issue deals with father-son relationship.

    P.S. Where did you learn this perfect English?
    P.S.S. If you ever need help with your blog, feel free to ask.

  4. Thank you CardamomTea for your mention of unconditional love. Of course, it goes without saying that love must be unconditional. But let's look around... how far many fathers and mothers are from what they should be for their children...

    Also thank you for your recommendation on what is worth reading.

    P.S. Thank you CardamomTea... but my English is a far cry from what I would love to speak and I am still doing my best to learn as much as possible. I think yours is none the worse.

    P.S. Thanks. I will.


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