Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hi there! Maybe Wednesday is not the best day to talk about relaxation as it is the middle of the week. But, on the other hand, it is perhaps the middle of the week when we need to relax a bit more to gather strength for the remaining days... Anyhow, let's talk about our today's idiom, which is:


What a beauty! The key word in this idiom is HAIR! And what does the idiom mean? Well, it simply means to relax, to behave informally, to get comfortable or, otherwise speaking, to rid yourself of any restraints

The Polish language also has an idiom for such a situation: pójść w tango, wyluzować się, iść na imprezę... The problem is that when we say 'pójść w tango', we often think of going to a party to dance and drink..., while the English idiom is kind of more general and simply refers to all other ways of relaxing yourself...

A few words from myself in this context :)
Well, what to say? I just can't wait to have some holidays. then I'll let my hair down. This year has been really tough, just like all previous years perhaps... Anyhow, I am really looking forward to having a great time with my family during summer and I'll make sure to let my hair down in Berlin, then in Kalisz, then in Dobre Miasto, then hopefully in Łeba and maybe somewhere else... We'll see. :)

Let's take a look at a bunch of examples from the Net:
  • Sara, UK my boss is very strict, but sometimes he let his hair down and take us all for a pizza.
  • A little loud, great to watch the locals let their hair down and have fun...
  • Lauren Pope was missing from his side as he let his hair down at London's Rose Club.
  • Stars let their hair down after the awards...
  • Simon Cowell let his hair down as he officially confirmed the line-up for...
  • When not in the office, he likes to let his hair down playing a spot of badminton or envisaging himself as a giant robot while reading one of his many Gundam...
  • The Prince Regent liked coming here to let his hair down and groove, and people from all over Britain have followed suit ever since.
  • At Bop Local parents can let their hair down and still get home at a decent hour...        

What's your say? 
How do you usually let your hair down?  

Looking forward to you posts! :)


  1. When it comes to followers, my three main traffic sources are, my facebook (I made an annoucement on my wall that I had created a blog) and swiatjezykow blog. I also comment on people's blogs if I have time. So they know me.

    Even if some people are not on your followers list, they may have added your website to their link lists.

  2. It's funny because yesterday I went to a hair salon to have my hair dyed and the hairdresser ruined the color. I'm panic-stricken but your post made me laugh. I'm afraid to go out, how do I let my hair down now ;)?

    Before my hair became a disaster;) I used to hang out with a group of friends almost every weekend. Although we rarely party. We usually play board games or card games or watch horror movies. And when I'm alone I read a lot, I'm a bookworm.

    And how do you chill out?

    1. Oh, I've forgotten to answer your question. Well, I chill out by doing really simple things..., e.g. playing the djembe (it used to be the accordion some years ago), riding a bike, occasionally jogging, reading books, going out, studying English :), playing chess and football... The thing that also calms me down is driving my car :)

  3. I can't say this post didn't make me laugh... as it did... I am wondering what you look like now if you're scared to go out :) Send a link to the picture please :) Anyhow, you can let your hair down only literally, and then get down to reading books or playing games :) But honestly, I don't think the situation is that bad :)


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