Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hi on a rainy day! I can't say we have been enjoying either good spring weather here... It has been raining for the past two days. Since we're soon going to Berlin to sightsee the city... and if the weather is like today... it makes me think of another idiom for today, which is


Another nice idiom, isn't it? Let's explain the focus words in this idiom. The first one is shivers (a sudden attack of the chills, in Polish - dreszcze, ciarki) and the other one is spine (a spinal column of a vertebrate, in Polish - kręgosłup).

And this is what this idiom means. It refers to a situation when something or someone :) makes you feel a sudden attack of chills that is felt all down your spine; to put it simpler it a feeling of being frightened or excited that you experience down your spine. In Polish we have a almost the same idiom: ciarki przeszły mi (od tego) po plecach... 

A few words from myself in this context :)
So now you know what I am writing about this idiom in the context of weather. If it rains, just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine. I guess nobody likes sightseeing when it is raining... Then you can't walk leisurely, you can't take pictures, you have to carry an umbrella, an there is no time for really enjoying the city...

Let's take a look at a bunch of examples from the Net:
  • It sent shivers down my spine when I saw my fatherʼs land become deserted and devoid of vegetation.
  • Love this song, but today it sent shivers down my spine.
  • Something the PM said sent shivers down my spine.
  • Seeing my first TV script come to life sent shivers down my spine after four years of knock-backs and...
  • When the strings kicked in with those vocals it sent shivers down my spine and...
  • The rendition of The Millennium Prayer sent shivers down my spine.
  • The theme sent shivers down my spine, and the Orchestra were just fantastic...             

What's your say? 
What usually sends shivers down your spine?  

Looking forward to you posts! :)

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