Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Do you feel like learning another nice idiom today? I bet you do! Today I am going to write about a nice idiom that refers to a plethora of situations in our lives... I guess many people have already experienced or experience regularly this nasty kind of behavior when people are too much involved in our own business...

Let's take a look at the idiom I have for today:


And? Am I right to say that each of us has probably experienced other people's poking noses :) 

The idiom refers to a situation when someone interferes in someone else's business... In Polish we have a similar idiom: wtykać nos w (nieswoje sprawy)...

A few words about myself in this context :)
I believe that it is inherently wrong to poke your nose into other people's businesses. I don't like when someone is too nosy (wścibski). At large, I don't mind talking to people about things but when I detect they are getting too close to the border of my privacy, then my mind tells me to either quit the conversation  or to skillfully parry questions from such nosy-parkers. I think poking one's nose into other people's business is fine as long as you are driven by genuinely pure God's love and in accordance with what Paul once said :) "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God"... and I agree with him :)

Let's take a look at a bunch of examples from the Net:
  • Every time Mr. Nosey poked his nose into other people's business something very bad happened to nose... :)
  • She poked her nose into the Olly Tweet affair too.
  • He poked his nose into everything, gave advice where it wasn't wanted, and knew everybody's secrets before anyone else did.
  • Susan Bates poked her nose into a new pub opening on the Danforth and...
  • The assumption being that she had poked her nose into something which didn't agree with her and covering her up would stop her doing it...
  • He has poked his nose into many issues, but his views on...  
What's your say? 
What are the most frequent issues people often poke their noses into? What is the profile of a person who loves poking his/her nose into other people's business?  

Looking forward to you posts! :)


  1. I remember my aunt who wanted to teach me how I should care of my baby. And when she saw something that disagrees with her "outlook on life", she went to my mum and complained about me! I was so furious you can't even imagine. And what was her purpose? Instead of shouting at me and complaining about me to my mum (I'm NOT A CHILD!) she could have talked to me! I really can't understand such people...

    In my humble opinion I care definitely too much of what people think and say. And till they do it because they really care, it's ok. However, it also depends on how they call my attention to something...

    1. I understand you perfectly... I am afraid most parents have to cope with those education-related issues... And it funny how the same patters of nose-poking are repeated from generation to generation :) Soon, you are likely to poke your own nose into how your children will be growing up their own kids :)

  2. All too often I am surrounded by the culture of nose jobs, which has yet to become passe here in the land of sun and money. I know this does not fall under the criteria, but I could not help but think about that. All the best from the west. Peace!

    1. Hi Naftali! (Hope you don't mind my having revealed your name here...) Thanks for your post. Well, I think the problem of nose poking is not limited to just the land of sun and money :) I am afraid it is still wide-spread and needs to be eradicated in many other countries, Poland included :)


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