Saturday, June 30, 2012


What about another idiom? Since I experienced an interesting situation yesterday, I want to talk about this particular idiomatic expression today:


And? Do you have any ideas what this cutie might mean? I believe everyone has seen this picture...

Indeed, this is a sad picture and just taking a look at it should explain the idiom above. The idiom refers to a situation when you feel beaten or humiliated (just like this poor, frightened dog in the picture); In other words, we may say that when you have your tail between your legs, you just run away in fear or defeat, you retreat quickly... In Polish we have a similar idiom which is uciekać/odchodzić z podkulonym ogonem, odchodzić jak niepyszny, czuć się jak zbity pies... 

A few words from myself in this context :)
Hmmm... The idiom today definitely does not refer to a joyful situation. When you are with you tail between your legs, you just feel down in the mouth and even worse... just like a beaten dog... So what are your spirits then? I'd say rather low... In fact, I really don't understand those who humiliate others by shouting at them, showing how debilitated and unintelligent they are... To me, such behavior is nothing more than showing one's inferiority complex and weakness. How to behave when you are humiliated? There are two ways you can choose... One is to start fighting and trying to humiliate your interlocutor... The other strategy is to take what they have to say and bear in mind what Jesus once promised... those who are humiliated would have the kingdom of heaven. Jesus is my model and he was humiliated in a thousand ways... and did not respond, but whenever he was given an opportunity, he explained things to people with love and patience for He knew this would change those people. I guess we should follow this simple principle... If we are truly humble, we don't need to defend ourselves when we're falsely accused or unjustly treated. What we should do is defend the truth, but not our own egos or reputation. 

Let's take a look at a bunch of examples from the Net:

  • When people criticize him unjustly, he just goes away with his tail between his legs and doesn't tell them that they're wrong.
  • When you did this, you probably noticed that Milo put his head down, lowered his eyes, and slowly walked away with his tail between his legs.
  • ...she will either blow her steam on you and feel like shit or she will look down to the ground and go away with her tail between her legs.
  • A quick little “hey” causes her to slink away with her tail between her legs...
  • She was dominated quickly and walked away with her tail between her legs; the only thing hurt was her ego...           
What's your say? 
How do you react when someone makes you go off with your tail between your legs?  
Looking forward to you posts! :)

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