Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hello on a Thursday! The weather is a bit better... at least now in the morning. Today's idiom is concerned with our behavior... We often pretend not to see things around us, which sometimes is good and sometimes not... The idiom I want to focus on today is:


Alright... Let's not a turn a blind eye to it and define it... This idiom simply means to ignore sth that you know is wrong... In Polish we have a similar idiom which is udać, że się nie widzi; być ślepym na jedno oko... 

A few words from myself in this context :)
Well...Why do we often turn a blind eye to other people's behaviors? I think the answer is easy... we don't want to stick our neck out and we simply want to avoid any potential problems that could then arise if we decided to see something bad with the naked eye (gołym okiem) :) The question is whether it is good or bad to turn a blind eye... I guess we need to be reasonable and should take the right action even if we feel that it would be easier to just pass it by. Of course, it takes courage and we need to be willing to say or do something that we feel deep at heart is good although we know it is often against others...

Let's take a look at a bunch of examples from the Net:
  • How can you turn a blind eye to all those starving children?
  • She decided to turn a blind eye to her roommate's goings-on.
  • But can the leaders of Europe continue to turn a blind eye to the human cost of these adjustments on the poorest Europeans?
  • Don't turn a blind eye to censorship.
  • The truth is we can't turn a blind eye to the possibility that something's gone very wrong with the Appeal.        

What's your say? 
Talk about a situation when someone turned a blind eye to your wrongful act. or Talk about a situation when you turned a blind eye to someone's wrongful act.  

Looking forward to you posts! :)


  1. My teacher recently turned a blind eye to cheating in the classroom. I can't understand that. Why do teachers turn a blind eye to cheating??

    BTW:'przymknąć na cos oko' brzmi po polsku ładniej:)

    1. A good question. Who knows the answer? It's probably hard to answer this as there may be many reasons behind such behavior. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. I sometimes turn a blind eye to my cats' gluttony ;). I can't resist their meowing when they hear me opening the fridge and I treat them with milk or a piece of ham (which are both forbidden to cats).

    When it comes to my shortcomings, I think God often turns a blind eye to my sins, blessing me with food and health (and so on) despite mistakes I make.

    1. Well, you don't love your cat... If you did, you wouldn't let it grow fat, right? Milk, ham... WOW! Even I don't have such things to eat :) As for your second thought, I do agree... God is love and really did, does and will do a lot to save us, that's why we need to adore Him and worship him for what He does for us although, in many a case, we are not even able to notice these things...

  3. In our school Mrs Kle******* (I don't want to use surnames) turns a blind eye to my behaviour. She decreased my mark just because sze wants her dayghter to be better. And that's the result when one of someones parents teach in the same school where he or she is being taught. ;/

    1. Well Crown... I feel sorry for you. You know... there is no justice in the world that why we need to be tough and just try to do our best to be fair ourselves. Tail up!


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