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Zadanie 2 - Nauka i technika (przykładowa odpowiedź)

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Czas: 4 minuty
[Po upływie ok. 10 sekund, egzaminator niestety wbija się z pytaniem: Can you start now?]

Teraz zdający ma 1 minutę na to, by w miarę sprawnie i jak najlepiej jakościowo opisać obrazek mówiąc kto jest na obrazku, co robi oraz gdzie się znajduje. To jest minimum, ale nawet to minimum można zrobić 'na poziomie', tj. trzeba pamiętać, by każdy z tych elementów jak najlepiej rozwinąć... idealnie uzywając ciekawego (tzn. mam na myśli 'zaawansowanego') słownictwa i róznorodnych struktur gramatycznych... :) No to jedziemy...

The picture shows four people. They look like one family. There are two adults, probably parents, and two kids, a girl and a boy. The parents are in their thirties and the girl is about five. the boy is a bit older, perhaps six years old. They are all together and the picture evokes (wywołuje) very positive associations.

I think they are in their living-room as this is usually the place where you have a TV set. All the family are on some couch (tapczan). The father is on his knees (na kolanach), his wife is next to him and we can't really see whether or not she is also on her knees or just sitting to his left. And in the foreground (na pierwszym planie) we see the children who are sitting on the edge (na brzegu) of the couch.

(Co się dzieje?)
Well, they are having a good time together. They are unwinding (odprężać się) at the weekend. They are playing some computer game as each person is holding a console in their hands. It seems they're playing some kind of family game where there are four characters involved. Everybody seems to be very excited, especially the father is really enjoying the game as he looks as if he is laughing really loudly.

Potem zdający ma 3 minuty by odpowiedzieć na trzy pytania egzaminatora (Ty tych pytań oczywiście nie widzisz!). Pytanie pierwsze dotyczy bezpośrednio ilustracji, drugie zwykle odbiega nieco od ilustracji, a trzecie jest jedynie pośrednio związane z ilustracją i dotyczy osobistych doświadczeń zdającego.

W tym zestawie egzaminator zadaje następujące pytania:
  1. Who do you think is enjoying the game the most? (This question has already been answered, so the examiner will not ask it. That's why it's always better to say a bit more...)
  2. Do you like playing computer games? Why/Why not? (To be honest, it depends. There are so many different types of games that it's hard to answer this question explicitly. I am keen on strategy games where you have to manage people and finances. Racing or simulation games are pretty good too. These games on the other hand don't really let you find time for thinking...)
  3. Tell me about a game you played with family or friends when you were a child. (Unfortunately when I was still a child computers were not so advanced as they are today. Also the range of games available on the market was kind of limited to just a few... I didn't have a computer myself but my friend Adam did. I often visited him and we were playing some very simple game where you had to drive a garbage truck and stop in front of each house in a housing estate to collect rubbish. You had to steer the truck, go and get the dustbin, empty it and put the dustbin away. You scored points for doing the job quickly and appropriately. I remember we had lots of fun playing that game.

Po wszystkim egzaminator mówi:
Thank you.
Let's move on to Task 3.

[Jeżeli zdający rezygnuje z wykonania zadania: Thank you. This is the end of the exam.]

Masz sugestie, komentarze, uwagi? Swoją wersję tego obrazka? A może jakieś pytania? Wal śmiało w postach. Odpowiadam na wszystkie posty! :)

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